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The VERT beauty Brush Roll Kit features the entire collection of our professional makeup artist brushes. Apply makeup with a mistake-proof, seamless finish with VERT beauty brushes. These professional makeup artist quality brushes are made with the finest sustainable materials. The gorgeous reclaimed wood handles and mixed bristles are shaped for comfort and precision; each brush head is luxuriously soft and durable. A flawless finish is in your hands with this perfect brush set. Winter Session provides our ultimate brush roll. Made from 10oz waxed cotton canvas and stitched with heavy gauge nylon thread. Features an adjustable leather closure tab with logo imprint. 

VERT Beauty All Over Shadow Brush

VERT Beauty All Over Shadow Brush is a dense, angled eye shadow brush that makes applying shadow across the lids and in the creases a breeze. The densely packed fibers place color exactly where you want it with a moderate-to-full coverage finish. The large, flat side is great for sweeping shadows along the lids, and the pointed tip lets you shade the crease easily. It’s easy enough for beginners to use and a must-have for pros.

VERT Beauty Blending Shadow Brush

VERT Beauty Blending Shadow Brush is a tapered, dual-hair brush that blends everything seamlessly together. A mix of ultra soft natural and synthetic hairs at different heights pick up product and gently buff onto skin for a smooth, even finish. It’s the perfect finishing touch to any eye look. This brush doubles as a concealer or cream shadow brush as well.

VERT Beauty Brow Duo Brush

VERT Beauty Brow Duo Brush is a dual-sided brow brush with a small, angled brush on one end and a spoolie brush on the other for grooming and blending. The small, angled brush is made of high-quality synthetic bristles and is perfect for filling in arches with brow powder or for applying liner. The spoolie brush distributes and blends product evenly for a natural look.

VERT Beauty Cheek Contour Brush

VERT Beauty Cheek Contour Brush is an angled brush that helps create the perfect flush on the cheeks. The high-quality synthetic bristles are incredibly soft and fluffy and won’t shed, so you don’t have to worry about picking hairs off your face each time you use it. The brush is the perfect width of your cheek and the angled shape mirrors the natural slope of your cheeks, making application a no-brainer.

VERT Beauty Concealer Brush

VERT Beauty Concealer Brush is a small, retractable flat brush that makes concealing a breeze. The high-quality synthetic bristles are nice and firm for concentrated coverage. The flat, wide surface at the base is ideal for larger areas like ruddy cheeks while tapered tip targets itty-bitty blemishes and other imperfections with laser-like precision. The retractable metal cap protects the bristles and lets you toss in your purse for easy (and hygienic touchups on the go.

VERT Beauty Cream Shadow Brush

VERT Beauty Cream Shadow Brush is a dense, flat brush with high-quality synthetic fibers for sweeping, blending and layering shadow on the lids. Its tapered, oval shape picks up and applies the right amount of eye shadow and it’s wide enough to sweep color easily over the lids. It’s great for both cream and powder eye shadows.

VERT Beauty Crease Shadow Brush

VERT Beauty Crease Shadow Brush is a small precision brush that lets you apply shadow to the crease easily. Its small, domed tip nestles in the crease nicely and the tightly-packed, synthetic bristles deposit shadow precisely.

VERT Beauty Fine Liner Brush

VERT Beauty Fine Liner Brush is a long, skinny brush with an extra-fine tip that makes lining your eyes a cinch. It’s all in the innovative angled head design: It lets you get super close to the base of your lashes, making it super easy to draw fine, precise lines with smooth, even strokes. It’s great for tight lining too!

VERT Beauty Lip Brush

VERT Beauty Lip Brush is a chic retractable lip brush with high-quality synthetic bristles for applying lip color at home or on the go. The wide, flat surface applies lip color evenly and quickly; the small, pointed tip and tapered sides help create clean, precise edges. The metal cap keeps the brush clean and hygienic, especially if you want to carry it with you in your purse for easy touch-ups.

VERT Beauty Powder Brush

VERT Beauty Powder Brush is a fluffy brush for powders of all kinds, including bronzer and finishing powder. The large, domed shape distributes pressed or loose powders evenly, so there’s no caking. The bristles are super soft and plush—it feels like a dream against the skin.

VERT Beauty Smudge Brush

VERT Beauty Smudge Brush is the key to a sexy, smudged look. Its domed shape sits at the roots easily and the short, tight bristles are perfect for smudging shadow and liner for a soft, halo effect.

Each brush in the VERT Beauty Brush Roll Kit is labeled with its intended purpose, however all brushes can be used for your own individual needs. We recommend weekly gentle cleansing of your brushes to promote a long brush life.