Small Cosmetic Pouch - Ocean

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Store your care and beauty products within our compact, small cosmetic pouch. Featuring a water-resistant lining for easy cleaning and efficient mobility on any travel adventure; statement tassel zipper pulls and a chic leather back enhancing the graphic design. Handmade from non-toxic dyed, sheep’s wool, and accented with bronze zipper.

Awamaki is an NGO founded in 2009 by Kennedy Leavens, an American who is passionate about Latin America and women empowerment. The organisation has worked for over 10 years developing lasting relationships with Quechua communities in the Sacred Valley of Peru, to build entrepreneurial opportunities for underprivileged women. We are passionate about developing sustainable and ethical products that have a soul and are cherished by our customers. Each product is hand crafted and thoughtful, preserving the Quechua culture and economically supporting artisans.
We are inspired by the talents and leadership of our partner artisans. Through our work, we hope to provide a sustainable platform for them to showcase their craft and uplifting them & their families.
Awamaki has come a long way over the past decade. We now work with a designer to release one unique collection every year. Each collection is a collaboration with our artisan partners, learning from them and their ancestral knowledge to create a collection that honours traditional craft and culture as well as one that sits well in a contemporary society. Our products are made to order. Our textiles are hand woven on a back strap loom, a completely non mechanical device, a craft passed on from generation to generation. All of our bags & purses are stitched in a small workshop in Ollantaytambo, Peru and all of our knit accessories are hand made by our artisans.