One Love

One Love Organics Cleansing Sponge

$ 10

A biodegradable, eco-friendly alternative to throwaway makeup wipes, this gently exfoliating natural sponge is made with 100 % konjac plant fiber, prized for its ability to purify and smooth skin while buffing away dirt and makeup. Soft yet exfoliating, it is ideal for everyday use on even the most sensitive skin and the unique heart shape is ideal to clean hard-to-reach areas like the sides of the nose and the jawline. Choose from three options for your skin type, original, bamboo charcoal, and rose. 

Rose Clay Heart - Perfect for rosacea, sensitive, mature and dry skin

Bamboo Charcoal Heart - Perfect for oily, combination and problematic skin 

Original Heart - Perfect for normal and all skin types. 

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