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Restoring Eye & Face Makeup Remover

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An all-in-one makeup remover, this formulation gets its power from seven deeply regenerative, 100% cold-pressed edible plant oils, and effectively cleanses and removes makeup from even the most sensitive and delicate skin. This oil will lift away impurities and refresh your skin while removing even the most stubborn waterproof makeup. 

  • Gently removes all facial make-up
  • A non-drying cleanser that nourishes your skin
  • Visibly improves quality of brittle lashes

2fl oz | 60ml 100% active | Two-month supply

Using cotton eye pads for application. Take two pads and dampen with warm water. Squeeze water out. Squirt oil on a pad and gently wipe across closed eyes. Re-apply as needed. 

Virgin cold-pressed certified organic edible Almond Oil.