Dr. Alkaitis

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Toner

$ 42

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Herbal Toner strengthens the skin to prevent blemishes, refines the skin’s texture, and helps fight signs of aging. It is formulated with Organic Grape Alcohol to naturally firm, hydrate, and restore balance to your skin. This Herbal Toner is also anti-inflammatory and is a wonderful treatment to use on your skin after sun exposure. Recommended for all skin conditions and may be used in the morning and evening.


  • Minimizes pores 
  • Evens out skin tone 
  • Reduces redness 
  • Controls oil 
  • Balances and strengthens skin 
  • Removes bacteria 

Regular | 4 fl oz (120 ml): two-month supply

Midsize | 2 fl oz (60 ml): month supply

After cleansing, apply a dime-size amount of the toner in the palm of your hand and gently spread over your face using your fingertips. For oily skin complexions the Herbal Toner can be used as your moisturizer to promote a satin, shine-free finish.

Dr Alkaitis’ Herbal Toner is made with living ingredients. To keep the purity of this natural, organic product intact always put the lid on your bottle after each use 

greater nettle*, wild chamomile flowersº, myrrhº, european elder blossoms*, marsh mallow*, french lavender flowers*, curacao orange*, benzoinº, rosemary*, wild fennelº and balm mint*. Grapefruit* and lemon* extracts, sea oakº, atlantic kelpº and pearl mossº. We have also add natural vitamin B and vitamin C complexes and 100% pure essential oils. * certified organically grown º ethically wild-crafted


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