Nourishing Treatment Oil

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This is a deeply restorative anti-aging oil that reinforces your skin’s elasticity and balances oil production. Jojoba, St. John's Wort, and rose hip oils are hydration miracle workers, while ashwaghanda regenerates.The golden lightweight blend is fast absorbing and does not clog your pores; antioxidant-packed, it visibly improves fine lines, reduces redness, and minimizes the appearance of pores. Recommended for all skin types


  • Promotes soft youthful looking skin 
  • Anti-aging treatment 
  • Improves elasticity 
  • Hydrating and anti-inflammatory 
  • Lightweight and fast-absorbing 
  • Balances oil production 

Regular | 4 fl oz (120 ml): two-month supply 

Midsize | 2 fl oz (60 ml): month supply

After cleansing apply a few drops of the Nourishing Treatment Oil on your fingertips and gently massage onto damp skin. Follow with Dr. Alkaitis Day Creme or Night Creme.

Dr. Alkaitis’ Nourishing Treatment Oil is made with living ingredients. To keep the purity of this natural, organic product intact always put the lid on your bottle after each use. 

Jojoba Oil*, St. John's Wort Oil*, Andean Mountain Rose Hip Seed Oil*, Indian Madder*, Country Sarsaparilla*, Amazon Root*, Liquorice*, Country Mallow⁰, Turmeric*, China Root⁰, Costus⁰, White Sandalwood⁰, Cuscus Grass⁰, Olive*, Eagle Wood⁰, Nut Grass*, Bermuda Grass*, Ashwagandha*, Full Spectrum Natural Vitamin E Complex (D-alpha, beta, gamma, delta Tocopherols and Tocotrienols), Aroma (a blend of 100% Pure Essential Oils), Citral**, Citronellol**, Eugenol**, Farnesol**, Geraniol**, Limonene**, Linalool**

*certified organically grown - °ethically wildcrafted - **naturally occurring