Dr. Alkaitis

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Creme

$ 72

Dr. Alkaitis Organic Day Creme is an natural anti-aging cream that deeply hydrates, firms and rejuvenates the skin. It acts as a barrier to protect the skin from environmental damages as well as minimizes the appearance of pores and fine lines. Recommended for all skin types and may be used as your daily face cream.

Protects the skin against environmental damage 
Balances and strengthens 
Deeply moisturizes 

1 fl oz (30ml) | 100% active | Two-month supply

After cleansing and toning gently massage a small amount onto face and neck. Dr Alkaitis’ products are made with living ingredients. To keep the purity of this natural, organic product intact always put the lid on your bottle after each use. 

Aloe vera gel*, virgin cold pressed shea butter*, Dr. Alkaitis' Herbal Skin Support Complex (st. john's wort flowers*, water navelwort*, horsetail*, coltsfoot*, marigold blossoms* and echinacea root*), vegetable lecithin. We also added a full spectrum natural vitamin E complex (D- alpha, beta, gamma, delta tocopherols), natural vitamin C complex and citrus seed extracts and a blend of 100% pure essential oils. *certified organically grown

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