Why I Chose to Go Green!

It’s no surprise that the green beauty movement is growing… rapidly. That could not make me happier, yet VERT still has many a newbie ask why they should start to shift their skincare, makeup, hair and body-care routine to the natural toxin-free realm. Green beauty has a broad definition with an incredible amount of pseudo-green companies trying to fit under that umbrella that probably shouldn’t be there… but this is not a post to call out and publicly shame those companies, that’s just not my style. Instead, allow me to introduce you to my world, let's focus on all the positive things that can happen when you shift your conventional routine to a green routine.

Why go green? Well, unless you live under a rock you know that our skin is the LARGEST organ on/”in” our body, and its absorption intake is kind of incredible. When you think about the way our bodies work to flush out daily toxins we absorb, ingest, and inhale it’s quite remarkable. Not only does our skin absorb nearly everything it comes into contact with but it also releases those very toxins through sweat! So just think about that for a second… go ahead, I’ll wait…

Now is the part where I could scare you into buying our carefully curated products, tell you to scour EWG.com like a hawk (notice I didn’t actually link that)? Tell you that you may as well ask your Dr. if you can just buy yourself some cancer since you are spending SO much money on Luxury Conventional Products that are loaded with questionable ingredients… but that’s also, not my style. The best I can do is share my story with you.

Why did I switch to green beauty and what did it mean for me?

I have been working as a freelance makeup artist, social marketing nerd, brand manager, and product developer for quite some time now. I have seen many facets of the beauty industry and have a pretty good grasp on what’s good, great, awful and downright terrifying. After roughly 6 years of using conventional brands, I had an Oprah style “ah-ha moment".

In a rare week off, I decided to give my skin a break from the daily makeup application. Leading up to that moment my skin was a hot mess. Breakouts galore, dry itchy patches, crazy oil production on my T-Zone… I made a one week, no makeup challenge. At that time I was wearing the same brands I used on my clients and was always “camera ready" (that translates to a grip-load of makeup)! After just one week, of keeping those products off my face, my skin started to visibly clear and balance out. It was in that moment I took to the back of my product boxes and saw a few things that made me wonder… Talc, all 4 parabens, SLS, Petroleum, artificial dyes and fragrances, the list went on and my brain was reeling. This moment was around the same time the Paraben/deodorant cancer link study was released. Though the study was indeed based on multiple brands of deodorant and not cosmetics I figured the two could not be too far off. The other ingredient that struck me was Talc. Talc is a white particle used as a bulking agent, it is not a breathable ingredient meaning that when you are wearing a Talc based product, your skin is not getting oxygen. No wonder I was breaking out and drying out. I made the choice right then-and-there to try a cleaner brand. I went with Jane Iredale. Let me tell you that the Amazing Base lives up to its name. That choice opened up a whole new world to me, and I have been a natural, green beauty makeup artist since then. AND side note, Jane Iredale is the type of company that LISTENS to its consumers. People were having reactions to Bismuth Oxychloride, so she removed it from her products... because she is awesome like that.

The growth of this industry has come in so many ways it makes me beam! New science making simple and limited ingredient brands just as effective as big brand behemoths, all-star ingredients like frankincense, minerals, green tea extract, and aspen bark (a great natural alternative to parabens AND salicylic acid), have made it easier for manufacturers to release clean, good-for-you products that you don’t have to worry about!

Green Skincare has also grown leaps and bounds (but that’s a post all it’s own...coming soon)! So what does “green” actually mean? like I stated earlier, the definition of green beauty is incredibly broad. To VERT, Green Beauty means carefully curated products with ingredients that treat and soothe your skin without compromising your health. To others, it could mean simply a paraben-free product that could still be full of other questionable ingredients. We are by no means fanatics, but we are passionate about the integrity of the products we sell which means you benefit from our countless hours of research (years, before we opened our doors… if anyone is counting), trials and tests we put our brands through before they can go on our shelves. Stay tuned for a more in-depth post on breaking down the truth of green beauty.

Obviously I could go on and on...but I doubt y’all have time to read a 4-page blog post. So let’s wrap it up. What should you have gotten from this post? Hopefully my story (abridged) sounded familiar, hopefully you are inspired to really look at your products and educate yourself on what is being put on your skin, hopefully you find the time to come in and let us educate you on things that are not familiar (that is, after all our favorite thing to do), and hopefully you know that you will not be missing out on effective, fabulous products by going green. So I leave you with this final thought, if you are thinking of switching up your routine look for products like Jane Iredale, RMS Beauty and One Love Organics (to name a few), think what would VERT do? (WWVD), and if anyone ever tries to tell you that removing ingredients like parabens or talc effects the power of a product, put your “I’m educated” hat on, shoot them a good ol’ fashioned crusty look and let them know, you know better!

Stay Smart, Stay Green, and Stay Beautiful Out There!

Amanda, Vert Beauty

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