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Washing Your Makeup Brushes: Dos and Don’ts

“How often should I clean my makeup brushes?” What products do I use to wash my brushes?” These are common questions among ALL beauty gurus. We have turned to the experts for their tips & tricks on taking care of the most important tools in your makeup collection. It’s time for some Spring cleaning!

Vert Beauty Makeup Brush Set

Picking out makeup brushes can be just as exciting if not more than the makeup products you are buying them for (foundation brush, yes please! eyeshadow brush, I’ll take two!). It’s all so fascinating…that is until you hear how much you have spent. Makeup brushes are an investment and we can’t just buy one! Each product requires a specific brush in order to apply it properly. What many makeup-wearers don’t realize is that after so many uses makeup brushes become caked in residue, oil, and dead skin cells (gross) making them a breeding ground for bacteria and a recipe for disaster. Properly cleaning your brushes is an important step towards getting the most out of these pricy but necessary items. We want you to get the most out of your investment!

Cleaning your makeup brushes 101

Each makeup brush is unique and used with a particular product or on a certain part of your face. Depending on the type of brush and what you are using it will affect how often you need to wash it.

Vert Beauty Makeup Brushes - Liquids and Creams

Brushes used for liquid and cream products

This applies to the brushes you use for liquid foundation, concealer, gel eyeliners, and lip products. Ideally, you should clean these brushes after every use but realistically at least twice a week. We suggest the One Love Organics vitamin B cleanser to purge toxins from the skin as well!

“Brushes that are used with wet products harbor the most bacteria and if they aren’t kept clean bacteria can spread all over the face causing breakouts and congestion. The best way to purge liquid build-up is to wash these brushes with an oil cleanser” - Lauren Kalevick, Makeup Artist | VERT beauty

Vert Beauty Makeup Brushes - Powders and Contouring

Powder and Contouring Brushes

Brushes used for powder products such as powder foundations, setting powders, blushes, bronzers, and eyeshadows don’t need to be cleaned quite as often as brushes used for liquid products. However, their bristles are far more delicate. If you clean these brushes improperly you may notice they begin to shed. Nothing ruins a beautiful makeup application quite like a giant black brush hair across the face. We recommend Ursa Major’s fantastic face wash or Innersense’s pure harmony shampoo.

“It’s vital to use a gentle cleanser on these brushes to maintain their shape and integrity” – Lauren

Quick Tip From Lauren

Always lay your brushes flat or with the bristles pointed down so the water does not loosen the glue between the brush ferrule and handle. This will help extend the life of your makeup brushes.

Stay Smart, Stay Green, and Stay Beautiful Out There!

Amanda, Vert Beauty

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