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VERT Beauty Bride at Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wedding

There’s a reason why fall weddings are so popular – especially in Colorado with all the beautiful changes in color. If you’re recently engaged and are thinking a fall wedding might be for you – check out some of the details that this VERT Beauty Bride included in her “ranch glam” wedding for timeless inspiration. That being said, we think that many of these details can be applied to any time of the year. Based off of this wedding, we have created a list of 5 observations you might want to consider while planning your big day.

#1: The cost of your big day entirely depends on the level of service you expect. When paying for a wedding, what you’re really paying for is the level of service you’d like. Your wedding day is supposed to be all about you and your partner enjoying each other, your family, and the best party of your life – you don’t want to be worrying about anything. That’s why we think finding a venue that does it all, like the Devil’s Thumb Ranch, is 100% worth the money – you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind.

#2: You will never be photographed more in your whole life – so make it count. Everyone already knows that all eyes will be on the bride, but that definitely extends beyond the wedding day, preserved in photos. That’s why we highly recommend hiring hair and makeup artists to help you look your most beautiful. We love that this bride chose to use natural makeup on her big day, styled by VERT Beauty in Denver (who will travel to your venue), and isn’t she radiant!

#3: Pets are always in season. No matter what – if you want your pet in the wedding, we are always supporters! It’s always cute, and always a major crowd-pleaser. Just make sure that you have a point person, who knows the plan for before and after the wedding to make sure they are cared for.  

#4: Aim for neutral colors that elevate the space you have chosen to celebrate in. We’re not saying that colorful weddings aren’t beautiful, they absolutely are, but there is just an added level of elegance when it’s toned down. We really like the colors this couple picked because they were complimentary to everyone and every season. We love how Siloh Florist Artistry used their floral arrangements to accentuate the space without making it feel like the outside had suddenly come inside.


#5: From the crown the bride wore from anna be bridal boutique to the chandeliers, this couple had the delicate details down. There were thoughtful, beautiful touches all over the place without it being too “in your face” or “pinterest-y”. Even if you have an eye for all things decor, when it comes to an important event like your wedding, you might want to consider at least consulting with someone, like Eclectic Hive, who specializes in a style that you vibe with.

For more details, head on over to Style Me Pretty and check it out. Photos by Laura Murray Photography.

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