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The Organic Eyeliner Pencil Guide

The eyes have it! Although organic eyeliner is a form of cosmetic ornamentation, meant to bring color and glamour to the eyes, it also can double as an all-natural beauty boost made from the purest, healthiest, most environmentally sound ingredients. Open your eyes to the all-natural wonder known as the organic eyeliner pencil.

In the “eyes” of many, eyeliner is a necessary component of any makeup set or palette. Whether in pencil or liquid form, eyeliner serves to highlight and beautify what many consider to be the most prominent feature of one’s face. Available in a vast variety of colors, this versatile cosmetic can be applied in different ways to achieve the perfect look for either day or night, work or play.

Why is the eyeliner such a pivotal part of any woman’s palette? Well, perhaps this can be attributed to the value of the eyes as the most important, expressive, and out and out beautiful of all our facial features.

Organic Eyeliner is an irreplaceable part of the cosmetic pallet

Eyes are frequently referred to as the windows to the soul, so they are the subject of numerous songs, poems, and even films. Some of the most beautiful love songs of this or any time were composed in honor of this lovely and highly expressive feature, in all its various colors. From “Blue Eyes” by Elton John to “Ebony Eyes” by Bob Welch, “Sad Eyes” by Robert John and Enrique Iglesias (totally different songs that just happen to share a title) to “For Your Eyes Only” by Sheena Easton, any number of melodic tributes have been written and performed in honor of those opulent optical gems.

Could you imagine troubadours throughout the ages penning glowing and richly rhythmic tributes to the nose or the forehead? Indeed, a number of people even claim that the eyes are the first thing they notice about a person and the first feature that they regard when seeking a romantic partner.

Yet the intrinsic value of the eyes goes far beyond their cosmetic value. The eyes, after all, are the very organs that allow us to see the world. Our vision allows and enables us to work, read, drive, to regard those around us, and—for that matter—to see just where the heck we’re going; always a good thing, no?

In addition, the eyes reign as the ultimate portals through which we determine and judge the true content of someone’s character. By staring deeply into the eyes of another, we can tell if they are happy, sad, contemplative, angry, etc. And some people claim that you can guess the degree of someone’s intelligence or mental stability by looking them straight in the eye, as the old saying goes.

So we have established both the radiance and the integral value of the eyes. So why, then, do we ever need to prettify the peepers? Why do we need to enhance the eyes with the artifice of cosmetics? Well much as a luminous and sheer lipstick can bring added glamour and mystique to even the fullest, juiciest pair of lips, just the right eye makeup can set fire to the eyes; illuminating and showcasing their beauty even as they emphasize their inherent charm.

Take an already fetching pair of eyes and spiff them up just a bit. Apply an effervescent shadow to the eyelids with a smudge brush, choosing a shining shade that coordinates well with the color of the eyes themselves. Then turn your head to the eyes themselves, lining them with a smattering of mascara that lengthens and thickens your lashes. Ever wonder why it’s so very devastating when a lady bats or flashes her eyes? Well, a good mascara will do much to add to this effect.

And when it comes to cosmetics that are a sight for sore eyes, perhaps nothing beats eyeliner.

Eyeliner, true to its name, outlines and emphasizes the eyes; adding glamour and distinction to these already opulent gems. For no matter the degree of pure and true natural beauty inherent in any given pair of eyes, they may look just a bit bare and drab without the presence of a high-quality eyeliner.

An organic eyeliner pencil enhances the visibility of the eyes, making them easy to see even in the darkest rooms or under cover of night. This is why even male stage performers who wear no other cosmetics often sport eyeliner for the duration of their shows.

Everyday wearers may choose to vary the shade and tone of the eyeliner they wear, going heavier and darker for the night and lighter for daily work activities. The shades that they chose commonly will depend on their eye and hair color, and the specific type of look that they wish to convey.

Yet although eyeliner varies greatly in terms of its color and style, and is indeed as individual as the woman who wears it, the fact remains that virtually everyone who wears makeup wears eyeliner; thus showcasing their most important and expressive feature to the very best effect.

Organic Eyeliner Pencil Makeup

The best organic eyeliner pencils

So we’ve established that eyeliner is an irreplaceable part of just about any cosmetics palette—whether it is intended for day or night, business or social occasions, parties or stage performances.  Yet more and more in recent years, savvy beauty shoppers have come to care about a lot more than the cosmetic benefit of their organic eyeliner. They want to ensure that their choice of eye makeup will be safe and healthful when applied to one of their most sensitive and vital facial features: the eyes. You simply cannot be too careful with those precious peepers; so you most definitely want to choose a brand and type of eyeliner that will benefit the health and well-being of the eyes.

Moreover, they want all of their cosmetic products to be environmentally sound; culled as they are from all-natural ingredients. And this is why VERT Beauty now offers an exclusive and very beautiful line of organic eyeliner products. 

When used in conjunction with a glamorous and glowingly radiant palette, one culled from the beauty of Mother Earth in all her realms and dimensions, organic eyeliner will help redefine the term ‘natural beauty’ for you; highlighting and bringing forth the mystery and loveliness inherent in your most expressive feature, while at the same time helping you to protect and preserve the environment.

Of course, some may wonder as to why one would be overly concerned about the environmental value of their eyeliner, of all things. As long as one doesn’t haphazardly throw around their eyeliner pencils around on the ground once they’re done using them, thus littering, why should they worry about how ‘green’ their eyeliner may be—and by green, of course, we are not referring to the actual color or shade of the pencil in question. We are referring to the way in which a particular organic eyeliner product either supports or detracts from the environment; as in “Green Beauty”

Yet just as you take care each day to purchase food and drink in recyclable containers, and even as we take care not to throw hamburger wrappers out of car windows or toss soda or beer cans across the vast expanse of a crystalline beach, you would not want to use a product that does not support the overall health and sustainability of our planet. You want each and every cosmetic product you choose to benefit the beauty of both your visage and your home place here on Earth—because, when one thinks about it, you only have one of each! You want to take care of both, in everything that you do.

And so ends the socially conscious lecture for this day. Now let us get to the fun stuff and explore Vert Beauty’s stunning and diverse selection of all-natural eyeliner products.

Our picks for the best organic eyeliner pencils on the market today

The VERT Beauty Organic Eyeliner Pencil, is a veritable fountain of beauty in a stick.

The magical blend of mango and meadowfoam seed supplies the heart of its exquisite anti-aging formula; one that softens and hydrates the skin that surrounds the eyes.

Also boasting the nature borne ingredients of jojoba, macadamia, chamomilla and cottonseed oils, this all-natural eyeliner is also a vegan formula that goes soft on the environment—and, for that matter, on you. Easy to apply, with no tugging or skipping, it stays on for long periods of time with no need for reapplication.

Just imagine how tasty and nurturing this particular concoction would taste if prepared in the form of a fruit juice or smoothie. Think about how good it would taste, and how its inherent cooling properties and its infusion of pure and energizing properties would fill and fortify you immediately upon its consumption.

Now imagine these divine and irreplaceable qualities infused into the context of an all-natural cosmetic. Imagine how this burst of pure and empowering elements, taken in moderation and with great respect from the earth itself, would soothe and nurture the eyes; ensuring an everlasting aura of beauty and vitality.

Oh, and one other important quality of the VERT Beauty Organic Eyeliner Pencil. It looks stunning—always an important quality for a cosmetics tool! This dazzling organic eyeliner is available in no fewer than five shimmery shades: noir or (ebony gold), bleu (navy), violet (purple), cuivre (copper), and vert (a combination of turquoise and jade).

Regardless of the occasion that lies before you, whether it’s a full day at work or an evening at the club, or perhaps a Sunday afternoon passed at a garden party or at the theater, this amazing and diverse organic eyeliner pencil has got you covered. Regardless of the color of your hair, your outfit, or your very eyes, you are sure to find the perfect shade just for you. And if you replenish your palette with additional pencils from this diverse and glamorous collection, then you can shift liners with the changing of your mood. A lady always reserves the right to change your mind!

The artful application of just a few brushstrokes can achieve a professional, totally natural look for day or a dramatic, sultry effect for the night. It’s rather unbelievable as to how the same pencil can be different things at different times, and—for that matter—different things for different users.

As with many VERT Beauty products, this magnificent organic eyeliner pencil is—in truth—many liners in one. Draw a slight, slender line in close proximity to the lash lines for a natural daytime look, or smudge the product for a striking and most literally smokin’ veneer. And whichever way you choose to use this eyeliner, press the pencil gentle to your outer eye corners and proceed inward, using short, brisk strokes for total control.

This amazing and innovative organic eyeliner pencil truly offers something for everyone! And it’s for you. 

The Kjaer Weis Eye Pencils are formulated for even the most sensitive eyes and lips, color lasts all day and remains gentle.

Imagine a beautiful, ethereal liquid bouquet culled from a healing and holistic blend of vitamin E, sesame oil, castor seed oil, beeswax, avocado oil, jasmine and lavender, and clove flower/leaf extract, and even grapefruit extract. Well, believe it or not, this is exactly what you’ll find in this compact and easy to use eyeliner stick.

Perhaps it is not surprising that this divine organic eyeliner holds healing properties. Mild and hydrating, the Ilia Pure Eyeliner serves to soothe and treat the ever-sensitive eye area—not only adorning your most sensitive and expressive feature, but helping and supporting it as well.

This rich and nourishing holistic makeup also shines in its diverse and radiantly beautiful palette of a half dozen intense and most literally eye-catching colors.

My Generation is a succulent wine color perfect for day or night. Sweet Jane comes in a rich chocolate hue that is tasty and delicious indeed. The mysterious azure Sapphire Blue Pretty is perfect to wear when you’re hitting the clubs, or for making a grand appearance at a play or concert. The stately iron-grey Shadowily is distinguished and professional which is perfect for the office or a business conference. By contrast, the pitch-black Rebel Rebel is pure and unfettered youthful rebellion encompassed in the confines of a deceptively sedate pencil; it is, in fact, a party in a pencil, suitable—or perhaps delightfully unsuitable—to wear for a night out at anything from a concert hall to a political rally. Rebels for the resistance! And the lustrous black gold Havana Affair marks the luscious epitome of old-world glamour, rendering a rare and most striking old Hollywood look that will make you feel something akin to a movie star.

Out of all of these brilliant and innovative color choices, which one could you possibly select to achieve your best and optimum look? Well, why force yourself to choose? Why not buy a virtual bouquet of these lovely and most distinctive colors?

It also should be noted that practicality is another important feature of this organic eyeliner pencil. This versatile cosmetics stick is simple to apply and can build as well as blend with the whole of your makeup palette. To put it another way: This stuff won’t smudge or budge, and is not likely to run. So you can make your way through your day or evening without stopping to reapply.

Also along these lines, this practical pencil can—with the artsy shift of a few simple brushstrokes—produce equally striking but significantly different looks. Go sharp and corporate for the day (by way of soft and subtle lines) and romantic and smoky (by way of the infamous sultry smudged look, achieved through the application of thicker and heavier lines) come evening time; this organic eyeliner can be different things for different people, and for different timeframes.

You can purchase a single organic eyeliner to achieve many different veneers (a definite bargain, any way you look at it), or you can procure an assortment of these little wonder pencils in different and dynamic hues.

Open your eyes to this lustrous and exotic collection of exclusive Vert Beauty organic eyeliners. Regardless of the event or occasion, or simply for everyday wear, this deluxe collection of naturally made cosmetics most literally offers the best of all worlds.

Stay Smart, Stay Green, and Stay Beautiful Out There!

Amanda, Vert Beauty

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