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The Complete Organic Concealer Pencil Guide

About face! This guide highlights Organic and Natural Concealer Pencils that are 100% pure and have revolutionized the green beauty industry. Vert Beauty has created the best organic concealer pencil that is 100% pure and natural. The VERT Beauty Concealer Pencil invokes a perfect potion of vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, candelilla wax, sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil, and other all-natural ingredients. These divine medium coverage natural eyeliner pencils soften, conceal and brighten; hiding your imperfections from view as fine lines and dark circles just seem to disappear.

“The answer to those unexpected mid-day breakouts? VERT’s streamlined Organic Concealer Pencil, of course. Although the product may look like your traditional chubby lip pencil, its core houses a tawny beige concealer in lieu of a matte red lipstick.”  – MARIANNE MYCHASKIW

We all should take pride in our facial imperfections that make us who we are. Far from defying or detracting from our beauty, those little lines, spots, and blemishes add character to our visage. At the same time, whether venturing out onto the business scene or partaking in the nightlife, we all like to achieve and project an even and polished look; and this is why an organic concealer pencil is a valued part of any cosmetics palette.

VERT Beauty’s exclusive line of natural concealer pencils are the cosmetic equivalent of compact and easy to use magic wands that help you to create the illusion of immaculance on your face. And aside from helping you achieve the perfect natural look, this organic concealer pencil is culled from the finest and purest of all-natural ingredients. These pretty and practical concealer pencils equal lifesavers for your cosmetic façade, even as they save the environment and enhance your health in the process.

You may not believe that you are in need of an organic concealer pencil; but, at most stages of our lives, most of us do find cause to conceal some visual aspects of our faces and complexions. Some of us are born with spots, moles, and freckles that—while harmless-may make us feel just a bit self-conscious in work and social situations.

As teenagers and college students, we may elect to conceal the pimples, blackheads and other blemishes that plague most of us to a certain degree. During our 30s, we may develop laugh lines and creases. The inception of middle age brings wrinkles and sunspots. And later in life, age spots and deep wrinkles affect us all.

These products are not meant to cover up your imperfections in a forced or artificial way, but to unite with your skin to present the illusion of perfection; while at the same time actually improving and enhancing the look and vitality of your complexion.

“It’s small enough to fit in your handbag, and is perfect for touching up throughout the day—simply sharpen the end, and you get a super-precise tip that can be dabbed directly onto the blemish for an easy fix.”  – MARIANNE MYCHASKIW

And while we may not always consider concealer pencils to be an integral part of one’s makeup palette, at least not when compared to basic staples such as lipstick, eyeshadow and mascara, that really is the very point of their use. People aren’t supposed to know when or how you use concealer pencils; indeed, they instead should perceive the glowing and transformative effect of the concealer pencil as part and parcel of your natural look.

Concealer pencils come in handy for a vast variety of purposes and occasions. They can play an integral role in your daytime palette, perfect for work and errands. They can serve you especially well in the evenings, when you go out for dinners and parties—or perhaps when you want to spend some quality and highly romantic private time with that very special someone.

Stage performers use concealer pencils to facilitate their active participation in theatrical and musical shows; presentations in which the lights are bright and everyone is watching you. Indeed, you are highly unlikely to find a stage makeup kit that does not include some form of concealing pencil or cream.

So can we call upon you to reveal your interest in using an organic concealer pencil? Then let us explore this exquisite line of natural eyeliner pencils, courtesy of VERT Beauty.

InStyle - I'm Obsessed: VERT beauty Concealer Pencil

Best Organic Concealer Pencil on the Market

The VERT Beauty Concealer Pencil has been voted as the best organic concealer pencil by Marianne Mychaskiw from InStyle magazine’s Obsessed With show. VERT Beauty’s organic concealer pencil invokes a perfect potion of vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba seed oil, candelilla wax, sunflower seed oil, apricot kernel oil, and other all-natural ingredients. These divine medium coverage natural eyeliner pencils soften, conceal and brighten; hiding your imperfections from view as fine lines and dark circles just seem to disappear.

And even as you easily eliminate any and all problem areas with its velvety and easy to apply crayon style tip, achieving a peerless second-skin effect, you also apply an innovative anti-aging formula that actually enhances and supports the complexion.

“Even better, the natural formula is loaded with essential oils, so they’re safe to use on even the most sensitive skin types.” – MARIANNE MYCHASKIW

Any concealer pencil on the market will mask and hide your flaws. Yet through its holistic blend of all-natural ingredients and complex anti-aging formula, you can actually do much to remedy and correct a good number of these flaws in the process. And those looking for a supportive and fortifying alternative to cosmetic products that clog and mar the skin will find much to like about this natural, beneficial alternative. While other organic concealer pencils may have issues with heat and running, VERT’s revolutionary formula holds strong during the heat of summer, the humidity of Florida, rain showers of spring, and the chill of fall and winter.

These organic concealer pencils blend in easy and seamless with the whole of your makeup palette. Just draw, blend and pat for best effect, everywhere from the mouth line to the brow bone.

How To Use An Organic Concealer Pencil

Facing a mirror, identify the specific areas on your face that you wish to conceal. Then apply the organic concealer pencil to each of these areas, drawing a facial façade much as an artist would create a desired illusion on their designated canvas. Then set aside the pencil and allow your fingers to do the rest of the work; blending and tenderly patting until your complexion appears even and—ultimately—flawless. You even can apply the pencil to your brow, highlighting that area to exquisite effect, or to the mouth area, to conceal any makeup mistakes or to erase any unwanted lipstick lines.

And as an added bonus, this organic concealer pencil comes in an ethereal trio of radiant shades. They are Clair for porcelain to fair complexions, Lumiere for moderately fair skin, and Moyen for medium facial tones. Regardless of the color or tone of your complexion, you are sure to find a shade just perfect for you; to emphasize and bring out your inherent beauty, while conveniently hiding those little spots and blemishes that we all have to ‘face’—most literally.

When you use the concealer pencil to its very best effect, people won’t be able to tell that you’re incorporating this secret essential into the realm of your cosmetics palette. The concealer pencil not only conceals those little spots, blemishes and imperfections that tend to plague our skin, but remains concealed from the probing eyes of others.

To put it very simply; it is easy to ‘conceal’ the concealer pencil, and to instead present the flawless façade of a healthful, youthful and peerless complexion. Only your cosmetologist knows for sure. Promise we won’t tell!

If the eyes have it, then the brows come in a close second; for not only do they frame and emphasize our most expressive feature, they happen to hold a beauty and mystique all their own.

“The eyebrows?” You may be pondering, raising your eyebrows in a show of keen curiosity. “What is so special about the eyebrows?”

Ah, do you notice what you just did? You raised your eyebrows; a common gesture that most of us practice, often without thinking about it, on a daily basis.

Although often regarded as a commonplace and not particularly spectacular facial feature, the eyebrows are in truth a tool of expression that we use to convey a vast variety of emotions. We raise our eyebrows to express surprise, shock and skepticism; or, at times, as a gesture of appreciation and approval when we see someone or something that attracts, interests, or in some way appeals to us. We wiggle or waggle our eyebrows to flirt coquettishly, or to emphasize the punchline of a naughty or provocative joke. And we sometimes arch a single eyebrow as another humorous gesture, or if we’re genuinely confused or intrigued by a situation presented us—although, strangely enough, not every human being is capable of raising or arching a single eyebrow on its own. Now that is a mystery that should raise some eyebrows….

In addition to their expressive properties, eyebrows are—in their own unique way—most unique and appealing. Certain celebrities are known for their attractive and exquisite eyebrows, including models Adriana Lima and Cara Delevingne, actress Joan Crawford, etc. As utterly ridiculous as this may sound, legends are built on eyebrows; their appearance, their movement, their texture and character.

Do you wish to achieve and project the illusion of truly legendary eyebrows? For the fullest, most exquisitely shaped eyebrows possible, you may care to sample the jane iredale Retractable Brow Pencil.

This wondrous organic concealer pencil is, like all VERT Beauty products, culled from an intricate formula of all-natural ingredients that stand to benefit the environment. This organic concealer pencil benefits the user in that their peerless brow pencil shape and comb tip, not to mention their easily held ergonomic barrel, give total control to the person holding the pencil; allowing them to apply fine, precise strokes, to brush and blend to achieve a natural and most literally ‘eye-catching’ look.

These medium coverage natural eyeliner pencils offer additional benefits, in that they are waterproof pencils that stay in place and don’t smudge—carrying you throughout your day and evening with no need for reapplication. With its striking and innovative divine combination of a dual-ended, ultra-fine retractable precision tip and an expert shaping spoolie, this just might be the ultimate example for an organic concealer pencil.

The brow pencil is easy to use; just apply the pencil’s bristle brush to the surface of the eyebrows, shaping them as desired. Then flip this handy cosmetic tool so that the brow pencil is facing the brows. Utilize the pencil to fill in any visible gaps apparent in the brow, then brush the brow to achieve smooth and even results.

This useful cosmetic tool also shines in its divine flexibility. If you happen to be in possession of particularly thin eyebrows, apply the pencil inside the brow to trace a dotted line, then even the line with the aid of a brush.

For the ultimate natural look, apply the pencil to any noticeable gaps in the eyebrow; brushing the area afterward to complete the look. And in the case of short eyebrows, employ the pencil to lengthen the line of the brows—keeping them sound and symmetrical in the process. For best results, apply eyebrow pencil after a fresh eyebrow waxing.

And as many advantages as this organic concealer pencil holds for everyone who chooses to incorporate them into their daily makeup palette, they also can be individualized to fit the needs of each and every user. Available in a rich, lustrous trio of natural colors that align with one’s hair color (a sweet pearl pink for blondes, a silky dark brown for brunettes and a pure cocoa brown for dark browns), this organic concealer pencil can serve to shape, thicken, fill in, lengthen and define your eyebrows to very best effect.

So now that you have the means to achieve the perfect eyebrows, now it is time to turn our attention to those two opulent gems that lie just beneath them.

It often has been said that eyes are the window to the soul. And it is perhaps the eyes that count as the most important and valuable facial feature—and in a vast variety of ways.

First and most importantly, this single facial characteristic allows and enables us to see the world. We use our eyes to work, to drive, to read, to see the faces of those we love and those we wish to know, to use our computers for professional and social purposes, and to chart our course around our home, neighborhood, workplace, and world. This is what makes the health and safety of the eyes paramount, as we strive to continually check and maintain the quality and clarity of our vision.

Beyond the great value and basic functionality of our eyes, they hold a great deal of inherent power as well.

People often single out the eyes as the first feature they notice in another human being. When a person meets a date or romantic prospect for the first time, a pair of attractive, well-tended, deeply expressive eyes will do much to lure and draw them inward; more than eager to learn more about the person behind those amazing eyes. Entire songs have been written about this most appealing feature, including “The Bluest Eyes in Texas” by Restless Heart, “Blue Eyes” by Elton John, “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes, and “Ebony Eyes” by Bob Welch.

No doubt about it; when you inquire as to the first characteristic many people notice in their partner, they most likely will answer, “Their eyes.” Are they always telling the truth? Perhaps. Perhaps not. The fact remains, though, that—when it comes to magnetism and romantic appeal–the eyes truly do “have it.” 

Apart from the romantic realm, the eyes tend to play a vital role in just about every facet of human interaction. Even more than people’s words, the eyes tend to tell the truth of what we are thinking and feeling at that particular moment. Strong emotions such as love, anger, fear, and concern shine through vividly through the prism of these rich optical gems; giving people a true gauge for our character, our belief systems, and our inner selves.

People judge an individual’s honesty, sincerity, and even their very sanity through what they see in their eyes. And you hear the phrase all too often, “I could see it in his/her eyes.” So it is clear and evident, then, that it is important to enhance and emphasize the health and beauty of the eyes.

When it comes to natural eyeliner pencils, the jane iredale Eye Pencil epitomizes the concept of pure and literal natural beauty.

Culled from the most exquisite nature borne minerals, this compact and easy to use cosmetic pencil represents a rich recipe of lush, nurturing and environmentally sound ingredients.

Jojoba oil. Meadowfoam seed oil. Mango seed oil. Candelilla wax. Shea butter. Macadamia seed oil. Manganese violet. These are the elements, born of the earth, that culminate to create a whisper soft and creamy formula; one that glides nice and easy across the visage and stays in place throughout the day or evening, with little need for reapplication.

Aside from protecting the environment, the holistic and healthful ingredients discovered in this stellar example of an organic concealer pencil also conditions your skin as well; enhancing even as it conceals.

Moreover, this little wonder pencil also shines in its sheer degree of user-friendly flexibility. You can achieve either an all-natural, neat and sharply defined effect for a professional look, or a ‘pretty mess’ smudged effect—all set to create a smoky, sultry effect ideal for the night.

Furthermore, these sublime natural concealer pencils are available in seven stunning shades that represent a bright and lovely artist’s spectrum of colors—one of which is sure to merge and meld with your personal palette. They are taupe, white, black/grey, black/brown, basic brown, basic black, and midnight.

And on top of everything else, this pencil is simple to use and highly flexible in its multi-faceted application. To achieve a subtle and natural look, veer as closely to the lash line as possible and draw a thin line. This veneer is particularly fitting for workplace settings and everyday wear.

And when the stars come out, it also is time to bring out your inner glamour and mystique. To achieve the daring, super sexy cat-eye look that many women crave, then take the pencil most literally out of your comfort zone to make broader strokes at the outer corners of the eyes, thus achieving this popular and dramatic effect. To attain a similar and even more daring sultry eyed look, lay it on a little heavy to achieve a smudging effect—all the while making certain that ‘cat eyes’ don’t morph into ‘raccoon eyes’ through the all too common error of excessive application.

When one thinks about it, it is rather amazing that a single compact pencil can achieve so many different, vibrant, and out and out beautiful looks; giving your windows to the world a whole new and very glamorous veneer. One that will make you want to shuck the sunglasses once and for all and display a truer, more classic version of movie star glamour when needed—while at other times reflecting a cool, professional look that will only enhance, and not detract, the ideas and intellect that you bring to the office setting.

The jane iredale Eye Pencil is an “eye-catching” alternative to processed, artificially colored pencils that require frequent application. This signature jane iredale product is most literally a treat for the eyes to see.

In its finest form, a superlative set of natural concealer pencils can transform and enhance the look of the face; emphasizing the appearance, not only of individual features but of the face as a whole that looks at once perfect, flawless and refreshingly all-natural. Do an about-face and try out this line of superior cosmetic products, and raise some eyebrows in the process!

Once you integrate this line of skin-replenishing and environmentally sound and organic concealer pencil into your standard, everyday beauty regime, you will find that—ultimately—they reveal more than they conceal.

While these organic pencils conceal those flaws and imperfections that we all deal with from day to day, the spots, the moles, the lines and the blemishes that plague us all at various stages of life, they stand to reveal so much more. They will reveal your beauty to its true and fullest potential.

They will reveal your inner confidence, in that we all tend to associate looking good with feeling good. When we achieve that perfect look, we hold our head up a little bit higher to show the results to the world.

They even will reveal your strong sense of inner social consciousness. Now just how could a single makeup pencil achieve such a lofty goal? Well, by selecting a concealer pencil courtesy of VERT Beauty, you are selecting an environmentally conscious product culled from the finest ingredients—all of which promote the health of the skin and the sustainable well-being of the environment. Just as you would take pride in purchasing a product in a recycled container, or in preserving and maintaining a personal recycling bin for the good of the environment, you can take equitable pride in using a product from this very special beauty line.

Sometimes when you conceal, you reveal so much more; and that is certainly the case with this amazing and transformative organic concealer pencil—courtesy of VERT Beauty!

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