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Ready, set, summer! Everything you need to get your gorgeous on!

Beat-the-heat organic makeup, easy summer hairstyles—Now that it’s officially summer, now’s the time to switch things up! That means stash your sweaters and break out your sundresses; swap out that pinot noir for a nice chilled glass of rosé…and it also means, it’s time to summer-ize your green beauty routine! The products you use and how you do your hair and organic makeup during the rest of the year won’t necessarily work in the summer, so it only makes sense to tweak your routine to the changing weather forecast. Here are 4 easy ways to stay pretty and protected all season long!

Stock up on (the right!) natural sunscreen!

There are two types of people in the world: those who apply sunscreen religiously (clap, clap) and those who hate sunscreen (boo). You should know by now that sunscreen is a necessity all day every day—not just beach days!—but it’s particularly important in summer since we all tend to spend more time outdoors. If you’re still finding excuses to not put it on—“It’s sticky,” “It makes my eyes burn,” “It makes me breakout”— the latest batch of broad-spectrum UV fighters feel so light and delightful to apply, you’ll run out of excuses fast!

That said, finding the perfect sunscreen can be a bit tricky. Sunscreens are not one-size-fits-all and if you pop into your local drugstore, it’s overwhelming how many options there are. How do you tell them apart, right? Always look for a formula that has broad-spectrum protection (that means that it protects against damaging UVA & UVB rays) with at least SPF 30. And it’s important to read the label to see what kind of ingredients they use. At VERT Beauty, we’re all for physical-only, chemical-free, natural formulas. Not only are they great for those who have sensitive skin (they tend to be less irritating), but they also may be safer than chemical sunscreens. (Chemical actives often have ingredients ending in –salate or benzone, and studies show that chemical sunscreens might disrupt hormones. Let’s not got there.)

BOTTOM LINE? Go for broad-spectrum SPF 30 protection with physical blocks like zinc oxide. And the rest is personal preference. Do you prefer a lotion, spray or stick? How does it smell and feel on your skin? Does it work well under your makeup?

Blake Lively Organic Summer Makeup

For Face: We love Suntegrity Natural Moisturizing Face Sunscreen & Primer. It’s a natural sunscreen, moisturizer and makeup primer in one. This lightweight, antioxidant-rich formula hydrates your skin without leaving it oily or slick. It has a smooth, semi-matte finish—perfect for keeping makeup in place.

For Body: Try Coola Sports SPF 50. The water-resistant formula has all these skin-loving ingredients like organic cucumber, algae and strawberry extracts. And not only is it good for your skin but it also feels good on your skin too. It’s lightweight, goes on clear, gets all the hard-to-reach spots like your back and has major staying power. Tennis, anyone?

Meltproof your organic makeup

When it comes to summer beauty, sunscreen is the only thing you should be laying on thick, not your makeup! It looks more natural and effortless, and factor in common sense: The less makeup you put on, the less likely it will slip and slide. Here’s are 4 easy ways to keep your makeup looking fresh in the heat.

Tip #1: Prime. Primer is key to a sweatproof look, but it’s the most commonly skipped step. They’re specially formulated to lock your makeup in place in addition to other great benefits like smoothing and blurring away your pores and fine lines. So before you put on makeup, smooth on a pea-size amount on clean, moisturized skin. It might feel counterintuitive to slap on an extra layer, but they’re super lightweight so you won’t feel it on your face. Trust us, the stuff works.

Olivia Munn Freckles

Tip #2: Even out. If you’re still using the same foundation that you used back in winter, it’s probably too heavy for summer. You want something lighter and sheerer like a tinted moisturizer to let your skin peek through. (Olivia Munn’s freckles are so pretty!) If you need more coverage, you can always spot treat problem areas with concealer afterward. Ilia Sheer Vivid Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 is a great one to try. It gently buffs away imperfections, has soothing botanicals, plus SPF 20!

Tip #3: Add sheer color. Sheer creams and gels are the way to go since they sink into your skin and smudge less. So define your eyes with a cream eye shadow and gel eyeliner, and dab the apples of the cheeks with a cream or gel blush. Metallic or shimmery shades like gold, bronze, and taupe make eyes sparkle, and a bright pink or coral blush really plays up bronzy skin.

Tip #4: Zap shine strategically. To set your makeup, dip a large fluffy brush into translucent loose powder, tap off excess and lightly dust your T-zone (where you tend to be most oily). And if your skin gets slick later in the day, don’t cake on more powder. When powders and sweat mix, let’s just say it’s not so pretty. Instead, gently press a powder-free oil blotting paper over your face. In a pinch? Head to the nearest public restroom. Those toilet seat covers have the perfect texture for blotting!

Tip #5. Summer-ize your hairstyle Hot weather and humidity can turn the season into one long bad-hair day. Instead of fighting it with a blow-dryer, why not work with your hair’s natural texture? The less time you spend styling your hair in the bathroom = more time enjoying the summer! Here are two easy but stylish styles we’re loving right now.

mermaid hair

Easy, Breezy, Salt-Kissed Waves

Nothing says summer than beachy waves. What makes Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s style so appealing is that it looks natural, relaxed and lived-in, not perfect and even (read: no curling iron). To bring out your natural texture, douse damp strands with a wave-enhancing spray from root to ends. Captain Blankenship Mermaid Sea Salt Hair Spray is a great one to try since it’ll give you that beachy texture without that drying crunch factor. Then divide your hair into 3-4 sections, twist each away from your face and let it air dry. If you want more of a bend, loosely braid your hair in sections (the smaller the section, the tighter the wave) and go to sleep in them. By the time you wake up in the A.M., your hair will be soft and rumpled. Finish it off with a bit more wave-enhancing spray, give it a nice tousle and you’re set to go!

Eva Mendes Turban Scarf Look

Beat-the-heat Turban 

You know those hot days when all you want to do is get your hair off your neck? Instead of doing just a regular pony or a bun (so boring), finish it off with an accessory, as Eva Mendes does here. You’ll look much more polished and stylish, plus it’s perfect for hiding those greasy roots and frizz! Just pile your hair up in a messy bun (pony works too), and wrap a turban around your head. If you don’t have a turban, you can use a scarf too. Just fold it into a triangle, then fold it a few more times so that it becomes a long strip. Wrap it around your head, knot it in the front and tie ends at the nape of your neck. Voila—a pulled-together look in literally 60 seconds!

A light summery scent

The finishing touch to your easy, breezy summer look? A light-as-air fragrance. If you’re in the market for one, try Dasein Summer. It’s called “summer” for a reason! We like to think of it as the chilled lemonade of perfume: Fresh notes of cilantro, grapefruit, and grass give it that tart yet sweet touch, and it’s incredibly refreshing when it’s hot outside—i.e. it won’t annoy everyone within a five-foot radius! Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt is another favorite: it’s light, slightly salty, and one spritz instantly transports you to the ocean. You can literally smell the salty ocean breeze!

While there’s no wrong way to put on perfume, here are two pointers for summer. We don’t know about you but we tend to wear a lot of white in the summer. To prevent your perfume from staining your fave white shirt, put on perfume right after taking a shower before getting dressed, not when you’re already fully dressed. Also, did you know that fragrance evaporates faster in the heat? Apply an unscented moisturizer before spritzing to help lock in the scent!

And on that happy note…we hope everyone has a safe and happy summer! xx

Amanda, Vert Beauty

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