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Spring Lip Trends!

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Ahhhh, Spring... is there any better time of year, aside from the allergies running rampant on the streets, and in my nose...thank you Breathe Balm!?! But I digress, Spring means bright florals, bold colors and a fresh new makeup look. Updating your makeup for the seasons is easier than you think. There is no need to go out and update ALL OF IT, simply add a new lip color or blush color to your current routine and BAM, new look! Spring Fashion Week suggested glossy, bright, candy-colored lips, that's a statement I can get behind. Below, find the best spring lips that are sure to give your pucker some attitude (the green way):

Neon Angel
Ink Pot
Wild Child
Hold Me Now
Karma Chameleon
Pink Candy
Sugar Plum
Curious Royal


ARTIST TIP! Use RMS Living Luminzer to change the shade of any of your fall lip colors. Adding some luminosity to them will make them more suitable for spring – Gotta love a multi-use product!

Try any of these shades to be on trend for this spring, and remember, going green doesn't mean going boring!

Stay Smart, Stay Green, and Stay Beautiful Out There!

Amanda, Vert Beauty

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