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Q&A with VERT beauty Founder Amanda Hume

In honor of National Bosses Day, we wanted to do a Q&A with VERT beauty Founder Amanda Hume. We sat down with Amanda to get the scoop on what inspired her to create a green beauty haven in Denver, what she loves most about the green beauty industry, and how she balances it all with little ones in tow.

Q: Where did the inspiration to start VERT come from?

AH: After working in the industry as a makeup artist, working on different clients and learning about ingredients and where things are sourced from, I was amazed by what I found. Many ingredients that are in our cosmetics are not regulated by the FDA and that was a huge eye-opener for me. I started making my own skincare and body care products in my kitchen and really getting into clean and pure products. I was missing products that I simply could not make, so I purchased items and found my favorites. We did not have a place to buy safe and clean cosmetics in Colorado and I wanted to make these products more accessible to people. I wanted to create a space that people enjoyed being in, and they felt safe in knowing what products they were picking out, where they could also get makeup and skincare services done by licensed professionals. 

Q: What was the hardest part of creating a new business? 

AH: Not knowing where to start and just diving in. It was really intimidating not knowing if people would be as accepting of the thought of switching conventional beauty to green beauty. Luckily, there were other boss babes with the same idea at the same time 🙂

Q: What is your favorite part of your job? 

AH: I love educating clients and helping them find the right products for them, I love doing makeup and teaching people how to apply their makeup, I also love trying new products and seeing how much the industry is growing!

Q: Why green beauty?

AH: There are no legal standards for organic or natural products unless they are USDA certified, so we have no clue what we are putting in and on our bodies and so many products are made with synthetics and other toxic ingredients. Our bodies absorb what we put on our skin, so you want to make sure you’re using the best products to avoid serious health conditions. You feel and look better when you are using products that are carefully curated with you in mind.

Q: How do you achieve work/life balance, especially with kids? 

AH: Balance is a tricky word for me. I try to do my best and shut off from work when I am with my family. There are times when we do come to the store (almost everyone knows our kids) but it is part of our life.

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