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PRODUCT REVIEW: Plume Enhancing Serum & Honest Hazel Eye Gels

The eyes are the window to the soul—or so the saying goes. And with the emphasis on full, thick brows and lashes this season, plus how cooler weather can bring out those dark under-eye circles, our latest products have been stocked just in time. Meet Plume Lash & Brow Serum and Honest Hazel Eye Gels, your ticket to bright, shining eyes.

Product Review - Bright Eyes

Plume Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum

Formulated with totally non-toxic, safe ingredients, this serum actually lives up to its promise. It’s specially formulated by a master cosmetic chemist to promote the longevity and fullness of lash and brow follicles by keeping hair follicles in a prolonged growth phase. This allows lashes and brows to achieve greater length, and a fuller look.

I’ve experienced this first-hand: After my Hashimoto’s disease caused some eyelash loss last winter, I found myself with a gaping hole in my lash line. I wasn’t about to try some toxin-laden prescription serum, and I had resigned myself to patiently waiting until my lashes grew themselves out.

But then I realized I wasn’t that patient. Enter Plume Lash & Brow Enhancing Serum. Only 4 weeks of use, once a day (at night, because it was more convenient, though you can definitely use it in the morning too) was a game-changer. I started getting compliments on my lash length, even when I wasn’t wearing mascara. When I glued on a set of falsies for my sister-in-law’s wedding, my natural lashes were longer than the fake ones. I kid you not.

How does it work? The light serum locks in keratin, moisture and key nutrients to increase hair volume, and thickens and strengthens lashes and brows at the root. It protects delicate hairs from environmental harm and breakage, too, which keeps more of your brow and eyelash hairs in place. I even found that when I stopped using the serum, my lashes were still stronger than before.

Honest Hazel Eye Gels

My skintone is fairly light and my skin is decently thin, so under-eye darkness can be an issue for me. I typically use a cream concealer to brighten it when I’m going out, but I’m always looking for ways to address the root cause, rather than just cover it up.

Honest Hazel Eye Gels are kind of a life-saver that way. The gel eye packs can be used as a quick pick-me-up, or as an intense overnight treatment. The aloe in them immediately soothes and reduces puffiness, while the hyaluronic acid plumps and helps fill in fine lines. Cactus collagen infuses delicate under-eye skin with elasticity and circulation for stronger, more resilient skin. Vitamin E and C are well-known for helping strengthen and brighten skin. What you end up with is less noticeable under-eye circles and less tired-looking eyes.

These are super great for travel or times when you know you might not get exactly the right amount of sleep. You can actually sleep in the gels overnight, for a really intense treatment, and you’ll wake up looking more hydrated and rested. Win-win.

Stay Smart, Stay Green, and Stay Beautiful Out There!

Amanda, Vert Beauty

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