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Post-Workout Touch-Up

If you are a summertime bride, chances are you have begun your pre-wedding work out routine. Spring is here and a run in one of Denver's many fabulous parks sounds more and more appealing. I often get asked by my brides what should be in their gym bags for a post-workout beauty routine to maintain the bride-to-be glow?

1. If your workout brings you outdoors, it is always a good idea to have a good sunscreen on hand. Trust me, you do not want to risk crazy tan lines before your wedding. I LOVE Coola's Spray SPF in Piña Colada.

2. I find that having face wipes in my bag is super handy! I am obsessed with hand & face wipes. They smell amazing and they leave you feeling refreshed, not dehydrated or sticky. Give your face, neck, and shoulders a quick wipe down after your work out to avoid breakouts.

3. A great way to rebalance your skin after a sweaty run is CV Skin Labs Calming Moisture! If you don't have time to do a full beauty routine after your workout, follow your quick wipe down with this moisturizer, it soothes the skin and will squash redness.

4. Of course, it is always a good idea to re-apply deodorant after exercising especially if you are planning on being in public. Clean Deodorant not only is it effective in neutralizing odor, but there's NO Aluminum or Parabens!

Stay Smart, Stay Green, and Stay Beautiful Out There!

Amanda, Vert Beauty

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