Edible Beauty: Why You Should Dust Your Coffee with Moon Juice

Ingestibles are the new coconut oil in the beauty and wellness world. From skin boosts to immune support, taking high-powered herbs and plants internally can actually encourage beauty (and focus and creativity) from the inside out.

Take one of our newest lines, Moon Juice. Created by world-traveling chef, mom and sustainable lifestyle leader Amanda Chantal Bacon, Moon Juice celebrates the power and healing force of raw vegetables, fruits, petals, herbs, roots, nuts and seaweeds. Each blend is comprised of adaptogens that are meant to be taken daily as a self-care ritual, to support a life of beauty, longevity, and wellness.

What IS an Adaptogen?

Adaptogens are ground, natural supplements that are typically derived from plants, herbs and mushrooms. They can help rid your body of stress, aid your immune system, promote healthy blood flow and support your digestive system. They work like a supplement: Because they’re created from a natural source (like a plant), your body recognizes them more easily and can absorb their nutrients and use them to affect your body’s systems. Some experts even say that adaptogens can impact our genes, playing into the study of epigenetics. But those changes, whether they be at a DNA level or just in stress reduction, don’t take place overnight. Instead, it’s a slow, daily process that, much like eating healthfully, can change the body over time.

Moon Juice Beauty Dust

Beauty Dust is maybe the most well-known of the Moon Juice concoctions. Designed to help the body function optimally during times of stress, this blend of super herbs and pearl can help you preserve collagen in your body, protect against free radical damage and enhance the elasticity of the skin. It recruits superfruits like goji and amala berry for incredible antioxidant benefits. Ashwagandha, or “Indian ginseng,” is a powerful Ayurvedic healing herb that has long been used to help the body bend and not break during times of stress. It supports immune function and allows the body to release tension and stress more easily. I love it sprinkled in a smoothie or hot cocoa (for chilly winter nights).

Moon Juice Brain Dust

Brain Dust is just what it sounds like: A blend that encourages peaceful alignment with your cosmic flow for great achievement—and high-powered mental focus and clarity. This is a great way to jump-start your mornings, with a dust in your coffee each day. Uplifting super herbs and super mushrooms like ashwagandha, maca, astragalus and Rhodiola support optimal brain function while giving your thoughts focus and purpose. By helping to alleviate the body’s response to stress, these herbs encourage concentration and promote a positive mood.

Moon Juice Sex Dust

Sex Dust sounds a little kinky, right? And it is! In the best way—Sex Dust helps support a healthy release of creative energy, in and outside the bedroom. It’s packed with super herbs that fight fatigue and boost vitality and well-being, giving you an excited sense of exploration. Shatavari root powder, one of Sex Dust’s ingredients, has been used since ancient times to support both male and female reproductive help. Maca root extract provides energetic boosts and encourages longevity, while cacao is a natural aphrodisiac. This one can be eaten on top of ice cream or used to create a creamy hot cocoa. All three of the Moon Juice blends build over time, so ingesting them daily is recommended. You might see a boost right away, but the power of the adaptogenic herbs is really released when you’ve been using them in small doses over time. Pick one out for yourself and get dusted!