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20 Green Beauty MUST-HAVES for Holiday Photos and Parties

Thanksgiving is over which means the holiday season is in FULL SWING. On deck, shopping, family photos, and parties galore. Pumpkins are out; pine trees, wreaths, and twinkling lights are in. Your mailbox is overflowing with coupons and catalogs. This can only mean one thing…yes, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. This means your calendar is likely filling up by the second with happy hours, cookie parties and company gatherings. Ready or not my green beauty babes, it’s time to get festive! We’re talkin’ glowing skin, shimmery eyes, and colorful lips. To help you get your skin and hair ready we’ve curated a list of 20 Green Beauty Must-Haves for Holiday Photos & Parties. So ready, set, scroll…


1) Vert Beauty Facial

Getting an organic facial is a perfect way to prepare and perfect skin for the holidays. Deep exfoliation, masks, and facial massage will help to reveal beautiful skin and stimulate blood flow for a more ‘lifted’ look. Here at  Vert Beauty, we use all organic lines such as Tata Harper, Marie Veronique, and Laurel, so you can be confident knowing that the absolute best quality of ingredients available on the market today are on your skin. Schedule your holiday facial (and you better giddy-up because our spa is filling up!).

2) Kosas Tinted Face Oil

Is it a face oil? Is it makeup? Is it skincare? YES. This tinted oil is literally makeup meets skincare. It is a lightweight medium-coverage formula foundation and a deeply hydrating, botanical elixir. It is perfect for all skin types and will give you a stunning boost of radiance. Trust me when I say everyone will want to know what’s on your skin. 

3) Honest Hazel Eye Patches

   Have you been plagued with puffy, dark under-eye circles? Me too. The best remedy is Honest Hazel under-eye patches. Pop them in the refrigerator 20 minutes prior to use for a cooling and de-puffing effect. They are packed with aloe vera and infused with vitamins to reduce the appearance of dark circles. No one will suspect you were up until 4 am trying to finish all the baking you procrastinated to do the night before!

4) Josh Rosebrook Active Enzyme Exfoliator

Two words: Holy Grail. This Josh Rosebrook enzyme exfoliator has single-handedly changed the life of my skin. With both enzymes and finely milled walnut shells for exfoliation, it’s a double whammy for glowing skin. Pro tip: Apply in the shower for the steam to activate the enzymes for a deeper exfoliation.

5) The Jenny Patinkin Rose on Rose Face Roller 

Facial Rolling is an ancient beauty practice that’s been used for thousands of years to help improve the appearance of the complexion while also providing energetic healing. 

Jenny Patinkin Rose on Rose Face Roller:

  • Aid with lymphatic drainage and the release of toxins
  • Reduce inflammation and instantly de-puff
  • Boost circulation for added radiance and glow
  • Temporarily lift and firm the skin

Rose Quartz gemstones are believed to emit energetic vibrations of love and beauty.  They are said to improve self-esteem and to heal the heart with feelings of self-worth, forgiveness, and compassion. And heaven knows we can all use more of this in our life!

6) Vert Beauty Eye Liner Pencil

Creamy, organic, and shimmery, this eyeliner pencil checks every box. There are 5 different colors for every party mood:

  • Noir Or: The ultimate, sexy black gold
  • Bleu: An elegant, eye-brightening navy
  • Violet:  A royally rich purple
  • Cuivre: A sparkling, intense copper
  • Vert: A seductive cross between turquoise and jade

Which will you choose?! Shop all of them here – VERT beauty Eye Liner Pencil

7) Vert Beauty Organic Concealer Pencil

This multi-tasking, medium coverage organic concealer hides imperfections and softens the appearance of fine lines and brightens dark circles perfectly. Because it is infused with shea butter and vitamin e, it glides and blends into the skin seamlessly. It’s small and perfect to carry in your purse to touch up during a party and throughout the day! Shop all the creamy shades here – VERT beauty Organic Concealer Pencil

8) May Lindstrom – The Problem Solver

*Something realistic that may happen on Christmas day* When you’re 10 cookies in and you realize there is no going back, so you cry and continue to eat cookies. Fear not! The Problem Solver by May Lindstrom is here to save the day! Packed with French clay, cacao, salts, and exotic warming spices, it will stop breakouts before they reach the surface. If there’s one mask you buy this holiday season, let this be the one! 

9) Vert Beauty Brow Design

It’s believed that eyebrows are the most important feature on any face. That’s why it is worth going the extra mile to have them done by someone who truly understands what it means to “shape” one’s brows. A professionally shaped eyebrow can make you look more rested, and give you a subtle and more modern look. It’s the easiest and safest way to give you an eye lift and when properly done, a professional brow design can truly bring out your eyes and brighten up your face. At Vert Beauty, an eyebrow wax is not just an eyebrow wax. Our brow specialists will prep the skin with organic witch hazel, oil, and powder. Post-wax, they will cover any redness with the Vert Concealer pencils and fill them in with the brow powder color most suited for you. Treat YO self, girl! 

10) Kjaer Weis Cream Eyeshadows

Kjaer Weis cream eye shadow have a light-reflecting shimmer that’s never too glittery, so it’s perfect for a gal who wants some sparkle, but just not too much! Use it alone or use it to transform another shadow! 

11) ORGAID Organic Sheet Mask Multi-Pack

Plump it up! The sheet masks in this box set contain a variety of organic botanicals your skin will want to drink up. These antioxidant-packed ingredients help fight the effects of aging, irritation, and dryness—leaving skin that’s supple, moisturized, and instantly replenished from your long day. Specially formulated with Ecoderma fabric technology to allow the serum to absorb deeper into the skin. Get glowing here: ORGAID Organic Sheet Masks

12) Ilia Holiday Gift Set

Can’t decide on a red or a nude? Gifting a friend who is indecisive? Trust me when I tell you this Ilia Holiday Gift Set will be a home run! It comes with two best selling tinted lip conditioners, ‘Nobody’s Baby’ and ‘Crimson and Clover’. Encased in a beautiful box, it makes the perfect gift with the perfect shades.

13) RMS LuminizerXQuad

How to be the glowiest girl in the #squad pictures this year: Purchase the RMS LuminizerXQuad. Each shade will provide a beautiful natural shine, why buy just one when you can choose from 4?!

  • LUMINIZER X: A high-intensity version of the Living Luminzer
  • LUMINIZER NUDE: A subtle but radiant copper
  • CHAMPAGNE ROSE: A warm blush
  • CHAMPAGNE FIZZ: A glam, opalescent shimmer

TIP - Champagne rose and champagne fizz together steals the show every time.

14) Osmia Recovery Salt Bath

We should practice self-care rituals year round but especially during the stressfulness of the holiday season. So while this green beauty product may not be something you necessarily need for a holiday party, it’s definitely something we recommend having on hand once the laughing, eating, playing games, and dancing has come to an end. Imagine going home, kicking off your party shoes and slipping into a tub with Osmia Recovery Bath Salt. This french grey sea salt mixed with Epsom salt and coated in organic oils infused with lavender is certain to melt your worries away. This bath salt is definitely a must-have holiday gift for everyone on your shopping list.

15) Kosas Lipstick – ELECTRA       

Kosås Weightless Lip Color is a luxurious, lightweight lip balm that softens and plumps lips, boosts collagen, hydrates, heals, and protects lips from UV and environmental damage to help prevent the formation of fine lines. If you’re on the hunt for the perfect red, it ends right here. This bright, Christmassy (is that a word? Well it is now) red will add the perfect pop of color to any makeup look. The best part about this lipstick is it’s long-wear formula so you don’t have to worry about reapplying every 30 minutes. Yes, please!

16) Innersense I Create Finish

This versatile finishing spray will set, style, and finish any look. My husband always hated the smell of generic hairspray because of the alcohol, since this hairspray is made with organic, denatured alcohol, you don’t have to worry about suffocating members of your family with unnatural fumes. Certified Organic Honey offers light hold; Organic Roobios Tea provides antioxidant protection; Aloe and Rice Proteins strength and condition, leaving strands silky and glossy. It provides great hold to keep your updos and ponytails in place all day while still allowing you to brush or run your fingers through waves and blowouts just as easily. The light, floral scent of Certified Organic Lavender will soothe and delight the senses, too. Long story short, Innersense I Create Finish will keep your holiday hair in place without a crunchy feeling.

17) Jane Iredale Facial Primer and Brightener

The only way to be sure your makeup won’t slide around during a hectic family photoshoot is to use a primer underneath your foundation. This Jane Iredale Facial Primer & Brightener is packed with vitamin C to soften and brighten the skin while holding your foundation in place. And we like to call this a win-win.

18) Kari Gran Lip Whip

Kari Gran Lip Whip, is the perfect everyday lip balm sent directly from heaven. This heaven-sent Lip Whip contains a soothing combination of ingredients such as Organic Beeswax, Organic Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Oil, Organic Olea Europaea (Olive), Helianthus Annus (Sunflower) & Calendula, all which do wonders to keep your lips hydrated and smooth. Handy in the purse, in the car, on the go, or on the nightstand, Kari Gran Lip Whip is beautiful alone or paired with lipstick and gives lips a sensual, glossy, moisturizing boost. Lip Whip is packaged in darling petite screw-top pots which just makes me happy. I gifted these to every woman in my family last year, and I will probably do it again this year. It will do wonders to keep your lips hydrated and smooth (perfect for Colorado babes in the winter)  It’s perfect for use year-round but I especially love this for that extra glossy shine for holiday photos and parties!

19) Odacite Lip Serum

The Odacite Aventurine Kiss Lip Serum treats, plumps and hydrates the lips resulting in a smooth, full and youthful appearance. This triple-action lip serum is intended to address the vertical lines on the lips while plumping and hydrating. It is made with Co-Q10 and vitamin C to help prevent and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This serum works perfectly as a primer for lipstick and can be used throughout the day when rejuvenation is needed! 

20)  Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essense

This is your new favorite moisture-boosting mist. Hyaluronic acid draws and locks moisture for youthful-looking skin. The essence has 19, yes NINETEEN, high-performance botanical ingredients making it extremely effective and 100 percent worth the price tag. It can be sprayed at any time of the day or any time a boost of moisture is needed. Currently spraying on my face as I type this.

So there you have it! Our go-to 20 Green Beauty Must-Haves for Holiday Photos & Parties

Shop small business this holiday season at Vert Beauty, your favorite organic beauty boutique. We provide natural and organic products for every season. Treat yourself or someone you love this holiday season to clean, beautiful, green skincare.

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