10 Genius End-Of-Summer Beauty Hacks

Vert Beauty 10 Beauty Hacks

These super-easy summer beauty hacks are life-changing…you have to try them out before the summer’s over!


  • 1. Flatiron braids for instant beachy waves.
  • Chances are, you own a flatiron—and you probably a pro at the 'straightening your hair beauty hack' as we – But did you know that you can create effortless beachy waves with it too? It’s really simple. All you have to do is separate your hair into two or three sections (do more if your hair is really thick or prefer a more defined, ripply effect), and then braid and secure each section with a small elastic. Now run a flatiron down each braid once or twice. Make sure to do it slowly so the heat from the flatiron can penetrate the braids nicely. Once they’re cool, gently shake them out and you’ll be left with perfectly beachy texture à la Eva.

  • 2. Clarify strands with vinegar.
  • You may want to start stashing your all-natural apple cider vinegar in the bathroom as well as the kitchen. In case you didn’t know, apple cider vinegar is great for not just salad dressings—it’s also amazing for clearing build-up in your hair! By now as we enter August, your hair probably feels fried and dry from all the sea salt, pool water and sweat—not to mention gunked down from all the beach sprays and dry shampoos that we tend to overuse in the heat and humidity. Here’s a quick, easy fix: Shampoo your hair as usual, then rinse away product buildup and any residue with a mix of apple cider vinegar and water (1-1 ratio). Let it sit for 10 minutes before rinsing and conditioning. We promise your strands won’t smell like salad, and your hair will look and feel so shiny and soft instantly!

  • 3. Use dry shampoo at night.
  • Okay, telling you guys to use dry shampoo to extend your blowout an extra day (or two) is nothing new. We know, but please hear us out first. If you’re anything like us, you tend to sweat more in the summer. Your scalp gets greasier faster and there are 1000 other things you rather do than stay home and wash your hair (picnic, outdoor concert, mojito, anyone?). So it’s safe to say that we tend to rely on dry shampoo a lot more in the summertime. Instead of sprinkling your roots with dry shampoo in the morning, do it at night before you go to bed. By the time you wake up, all the grease will be gone and the formula will have had plenty of time to blend in, so your strands won’t look dusty.


  • 4.  Strobe your body with highlighter.
  • Everyone pretty much knows that if you want to fake a healthy summer glow, it’s not really about bronzer—it’s highlighter. And you don’t need to go out and buy a formula that’s specially designed for your body. Simply use the one you use for your face! There are two ways you can achieve this. Mix several drops of your favorite liquid highlighter into your body lotion and spread it over your arms and legs. It’s so easy, it hurts. For something a bit more subtle, a tad sexier in our opinion, do this: Pat a creamy highlighter like RMS Beauty Living Luminizer (it’s universally flattering!) in key places like your collarbone, top of shoulders and the front of the legs and down the shins. It’ll catch the light in just the right places and make your legs look longer!

  • 5.  Blur cellulite with primer.
  • Disclaimer: We are not claiming that this hack will get rid of cellulite. What we are saying is that the same product that magically smoothes over your pores and makes your fines and wrinkles instantly disappear can help dimply skin look less noticeable! Think about it: Primer helps even out different textures in your skin and puts everything in soft focus just like an Instagram filter. So naturally, it’ll have a similar effect on those bumps and dimples too. Doesn’t hurt to try—every little effort helps!

    6. Remove waterproof makeup the natural way. Waterproof mascara is an obvious choice as the mercury rises—it can withstand the beach, pool and the park without smudging—but it’s such a pain to take off. All that rubbing and tugging is not good on the delicate skin around your eyes either. Here’s an easy little trick—not to mention green and inexpensive—that we swear by: Coconut oil! Scoop out a tiny amount from the tub and rub it between your fingers until it liquefies. Then massage it gently onto your eyelids, let it sit for a moment, then wipe it all off with a tissue. Not only will it dissolve hard-to-remove makeup like that *finger snap* but it will also nourish and strengthen your lashes too! Cocovit Coconut Oil is a great one to try. It’s 100% pure, paraben- and chemical-free, and is harvested from fresh, organic coconuts in South India. 


  • 7.  Prevent a burnt scalp with natural sunscreen!
  • Here at VERT Beauty, we slather on sunscreen like it’s our job (and we’re darn proud of it!). But we have to admit that we’re guilty of getting sunburned on our scalps. Ouch! (Scroll down to Hack #8 for a refreshing sunburn fix!) Besides a chic hat, what else can we do to prevent the painful stinging and red, flaky mess? We’ve tried slathering our scalps with sunscreen lotion (or some kind of watered-down concoction) but IMHO, it gets goopy, and it’s not a pretty look on us. Our new solution: an all-natural mineral sunscreen in powder form like Ilia Moondance with SPF 20. It’s a translucent powder with natural SPF 20, and it comes with a convenient brush applicator so all you have to do is brush it onto exposed areas like your hair part. Plus, it’s compact and won’t spill all over your beach bag so it’s great for on-the-go touch-ups!

  • 8.  Soothe sunburns with aloe vera ice cubes.
  • We’re all guilty of getting sunburned at one point in our lives. Here’s a refreshing fix that will help get rid of that sting quickly. Squirt out aloe vera gel into an ice cube tray and keep it in the freezer. Next time you “accidentally fall asleep in the sun”, simply rub the ice cube over your sunburn. Not only does the cold feel so good and refreshing on your scorched skin, but also the aloe vera will soothe and reduce swelling. And next time, make sure to apply (and reapply) sunscreen!

  • 9.  Refresh stinky shoes with dry shampoo.
  • We all know all too well the magical wonders of dry shampoo. It zaps greasy roots, adds instant body and texture and holds you over an extra day or two in between washes. It makes you wonder, is there anything it can’t do? Well actually, yes there are other cool alternative uses, thank you for asking! The other day at the gym, we saw this girl use dry shampoo on her hair, and then her sneakers post-workout. And it got us thinking, how genius! We don’t know about you but our shoes and espadrilles tend to get ripe with sweat and stink especially in the summertime. Next time you’re in a pinch, sprinkle some dry shampoo in them, give it a good shake and leave them for at least a few hours to sop up the oil, sweat, and odor. We love Captain Blankenship Mermaid Dry Shampoo. The natural formula has baking powder to absorb oil and add freshness, and a beautiful combination of Rose Geranium and Palmarosa Organic Essential Oils, so your shoes will smell like roses!

  • 10.  Erase stained nails with denture tablets.
  • Sure a fun bright pedi looks great with your brand new summer sandals, but you know what’s not so fun? Yellow-stained nail beds after removing the polish. Here’s a quick and surprising fix to help those stains: Denture tablets! Simply dissolve three tablets in a bowl of lukewarm water, soak your digits, then gently buff with a soft toothbrush and voila, brighter nail beds! It might sound weird but think about it: if denture tablets can keep your smile whiter, it can help keep your nails beds brighter too! To prevent it from happening again, make sure to use a basecoat. Better yet, double up before painting on your fave red polish next time!

    Stay Smart, Stay Green, and Stay Beautiful Out There!

    Amanda, Vert Beauty