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The Merry and Bright Tote 11/20-11/22
This holiday season, we are so excited to share the release of the Merry and Bright Tote: a team testimonial to Vert’s most coveted, recommended, and best-selling products, and an excellent introduction to brands and cult-classics you may not have...
Amanda's Top 5 - March 2020
I am what you would call a cosmetic junkie, without a doubt. I am always trying new products to see what works and what would fit in with our current selection of products. I always test every single sample that...
Pregnancy Safe Skincare Products
Finding out you're pregnant is such an exciting time! But let’s be real, the first trimester can be rough. I don’t remember feeling like this with my last two pregnancies and maybe it is because I have two kids that...
Facial Dry Brushing – why you need to add it to your routine ASAP!
From improving circulation throughout the body to diminishing the appearance of cellulite, it’s no wonder that dry brushing our bodies is a key component to many of our self-care routines. However, we may be neglecting that part of our bodies that could benefit from it the most - OUR FACES!
{Get The Look} A PhotoShoot Collaboration
Last month we got the opportunity to collaborate with Kaytlyn Perez Photography on her Channeling Your Inner Wild photoshoot featuring some of our favorite green beauty products. To tap into this gorgeous model’s boldness we wanted to create a fresh face...
5 Minutes With VERT beauty Store Manager (And the 3 Green Beauty Products She Can’t Live Without!)
In this blog series, we’ll be introducing you to the movers and shakers behind VERT beauty. These green beauty experts will be sharing a little bit about what inspired them to “clean their beauty routine” and what 3 Green Beauty...
VERT beauty 5th Birthday Party
A magical evening filled with wonderful friends and leaders of the green beauty industry. We are so thankful to have so much support from not only our family and friends but from our colleagues and the community as well.
20 Green Beauty MUST-HAVES for Holiday Photos and Parties
Ready or not my green beauty babes, it’s time to get festive! We’re talkin’ glowing skin, shimmery eyes, and colorful lips. To help you get your skin and hair ready we’ve curated a list of 20 Green Beauty Must-Haves for Holiday Photos & Parties. So ready, set, scroll…
Moon Juice Cookbook: Healthy Recipe for Holidays
This holiday season, I’m opting for a healthier sweet treat alternative to keep my gut and body in check… at least as much as I can control (who can say no to pie, am I right).
VERT Beauty Bride at Devil’s Thumb Ranch Wedding
You will never be photographed more in your whole life – so make it count. Everyone already knows that all eyes will be on the bride, but that definitely extends beyond the wedding day, preserved in photos. That’s why we highly recommend hiring hair and makeup artists to help you look your most beautiful. We love that this bride chose to use natural makeup on her big day, styled by VERT Beauty in Denver (who will travel to your venue), and isn’t she radiant!
Q&A with VERT beauty Founder Amanda Hume
In honor of National Bosses Day, we wanted to do a Q&A with VERT beauty Founder Amanda Hume. We sat down with Amanda to get the scoop on what inspired her to create a green beauty haven in Denver, what she loves most about the green beauty industry, and how she balances it all with little ones in tow.
Meet The Magical Foundation Our Makeup Artists Swear By
Kosas Tinted Face Oil is a feather-weight medium coverage foundation and deeply hydrating skin elixir. Three types of pigment are delivered in a base of six active botanical oils to instantly even skin tone, minimize pores, and erase imperfections. Designed to be as easily applied as a daily serum or moisturizer, the breathable silky formula’s oils are quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving behind a perfecting layer of self-adjusting color with a velvety finish.
5 Pro Beauty Tips For Transitioning Skin Into Fall
Here are 5 Pro Beauty Tips For Transitioning Skin Into Fall that are going to help you combat skin issues that the cold weather brings, and how to maintain it.
VERT Beauty Esthetician Ties The Knot with Elegant Boho Wedding in Lyons, Co
Create little moments that are just for you and your significant other are so important because so much of the day is all of the people trying to get your attention with photos and conversation that you don’t get much alone time. For our little moment, we drove to our favorite coffee shop in Estes Park and enjoyed honey lavender lattes and hid from everyone. Apparently, we did a great job, because our drivers left without us and we had to call multiple people in order for them to turn around. You’d think they wouldn’t forget about the bride and groom, but alas!
Beauty from Within : Jane Iredale
The absolute best way to nourish skin passed surface level is to treat it from within. Taking vitamin-rich skin supplements is my favorite way to get the skin results products alone can’t always help. Using quality skincare is important, but if you are looking for next-level results, the skincare supplements from Jane Iredale Denver are some of the most high quality and potent vitamins on the market.
Evening of Indulgence with May Lindstrom Skincare
May Lindstrom Skin was born from an intention to restore a connection to your skin while igniting the recognition of your unique beauty. In other words, her skincare line is a cleansing ritual rather than a cleansing routine. Combining your own touch with the highest quality plant oils, minerals, and herbs makes for an indulgent experience with equally powerful results.
Wellness Ritual with Osmia & Innersense

Through the practice of self-care, we are able to get in touch with our truest selves and understand what our bodies and minds need in order to flourish.

The founders of both Osmia Organics and Innersense Organic Beauty emphasize the importance of returning to our senses during everyday skincare and haircare routines to stop and be kind to yourself and enjoy the luxury that is true organic beauty.

Product Review: Kosas & Josh Rosebrook
Spring has sprung and with it comes the latest in green beauty at Vert Beauty. We’re testing new lines constantly, to bring you the best and most unique products that nourish while also performing. The two latest lines to join the Vert Beauty family do both: Kosås + Josh Rosebrook. Let’s get a little better acquainted with each one.
Green Beauty 101: 5 Easy Ways to Swap Your Conventional Products for Nontoxic Options
Instead of losing all hope of luxe products that make you as giddy as when you first swiped on your mom’s red lipstick, resigning to rinsing your hair with filtered water and using beets as lip tints, read on to find out five easy ways to start swapping your conventional products for greener options.
Why Laurel Whole Plant Organics is Top Shelf Green Beauty
We’ve entered the era of natural beauty products where it’s not enough to just avoid potentially harmful ingredients in your formulations. Brands actually have to use potent, high quality and unique ingredients in synergistic ways. Laurel Whole Plant Organics has...
Edible Beauty: Why You Should Dust Your Coffee with Moon Juice
Adaptogens are ground, natural supplements that are typically derived from plants, herbs and mushrooms. They can help rid your body of stress, aid your immune system, promote healthy blood flow and support your digestive system. They work like a supplement: Because they’re created from a natural source (like a plant), your body recognizes them more easily and can absorb their nutrients and use them to affect your body’s systems.