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World Ocean & World Environment Day

One major factor of our product assessment—how we determine what brands we work with, and what makes it to the shelves of our shop—is how brands address earth-friendly packaging, practices, and formulations.  Sometimes, we see this in packaging materials, recycling, and reusability. We definitely see it in fair and equitable sourcing. We also see it in brand giveback and the investment of proceeds in environmental initiatives.  With both World Environment Day (June 5th) and World Ocean Day (June 8th) falling within days of each other, we can refresh our awareness, along with the actions we can take (however small!)  to protect and restore our environment and the places we love. 


Thankfully, this list could go on and on—we work with GREAT brands—but we want to call out a few here to offer a sense of how expansive these innovations are, and what they can look like. Āether Beauty created the first-ever zero-waste and entirely recyclable eyeshadow palette; now, much of founder Tiila Abbitt’s palettes are crafted with recyclable tin. Tata Harper is EcoCert certified, meaning everything in the production process—from the imports to distribution practices—has been evaluated for its sustainability from start to finish. Axiology’s sustainable packaging policy is focused on reducing the amount of paper waste that ends up in beaches, specifically in Bali. In partnership with the local Balinese women, Axiology uses paper collected from schools, hotels, and offices, then recycles it through an energy-efficient process to make boxes that package their lipsticks. Kjaer Weiss was an early innovator and advocate for refillable beauty products, making skincare and makeup housed in beautiful, keepsake packaging and refillable compacts and refills housed in minimal packaging. 


Sunscreen! This everyday essential can be formulated without ingredients that are toxic for your body or the earth. To keep ocean life and reefs happy, the key is physical UVA and UVB filters like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide; these ingredients form an actual physical block to shield skin from absorbing any rays. Both nanoparticles (a smaller particle size) and traditional zinc oxide sunscreens are both safe and effective, and both will be considered safe for reefs. We really dig Love Sun Body—it contains no chemical filters or ingredients banned for harming the coral reefs, and it’s formulated with nourishing almond and sunflower oil. Babo Botanicals is another super effective, reef-safe line we use on our whole family.  


Here at the shop, we want to reduce our footprint and make it easier for everyone to recycle their beauty packaging so that we can leave the Earth (and its resources) better than we found it. A few months ago, we partnered with TerraCycle to host a Zero Waste Box to make recycling and repurposing a no-brainer. With the Zero Waste Box, you can recycle any brand of cosmetic, haircare, and skincare packaging—even products not purchased from Vert Beauty. To recycle your items, make sure they're empty, clean, and free of product residue, and look for the tall brown and green Terracycle Box next to our register. You can learn more about Terracycle here

We’re here to help you learn about clean beauty brands that are making major strides with their environmental impact, from waste reduction and reuse practices to safe ingredient standards—come into the shop or give us a call, and we’ll be happy to geek out on the details.

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