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What You Need To Know About Clean Beauty Makeup Expiration Dates

It is not fun to throw away your favorite makeup products–we all feel that way. But, regularly making time to toss old makeup is incredibly important. Why did your new face mask start to smell funny after only six months, when the mask you’ve had since high school still looks and smells the same? That’s because there are many preservatives and ingredients in the mask from high school that can be harmful to your skin.
Clean beauty products have a much shorter shelf life because they lack harmful chemicals that help non-green products stay fresh.
The minute you open and expose your products to the air and your fingers, they start to oxidize and become exposed to bacteria, both of which compromise the ingredients over time, causing skin irritation or infection.
It’s not just your makeup; bacteria can live in your brushes, too. Every time you use your makeup brush with powders like blush or powder foundation, you’re putting old makeup, germs, and skin cells back onto the powder product! Make sure you’re washing your brushes regularly and replacing them every 1-2 years.

So how do you know when your products are expired?

On the bottom or back label of your products, you’ll see a small jar symbol with a number inside the jar or just beside it, which tells you how long to keep the product after you’ve opened it. For example, you may see “12M” inside the jar or next to it. The 12M stands for 12 months, and the product should remain fine to use for 12 months after you open it. After that 12 months, you’ve got to throw it away!
If your products don’t have a suggested use-by date or expiration date, then you’ll need to keep an eye on them yourself.
Here are a few questions to ask when you suspect your product may have gone bad:
Has the product changed color from when you first bought it?
Has the product separated?
Do you notice any unusual smells?
Does the makeup feel strange on your skin?
If the cosmetic in question is liquid, it will likely expire quickly.
Is the questionable product preservative-free? If so, it will expire more quickly, and it is probably time to toss it out.

What are basic expiration dates to keep in mind?

Replace After 3 Months:
Replace After One Year:

How can I help my makeup last longer?

Always wash your hands before touching your products, and once in a while, sanitize any of the makeup containers you use. Keep your liquid foundation free of bacteria by dripping foundation onto the back of your hand instead of touching the neck of the bottle.
Do your best to keep your products out of direct sunlight, and when you notice separation, it’s time to toss it!
If you have a hard time remembering when you open things (like us!), write the date you open it on a piece of masking tape that you’ve stuck to the container. This will help you figure out when to toss it.
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