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Stress Relief and Mental Health During The Holiday Season

Season’s greetings or season’s screaming? We know that’s how it can feel! The pressure of gift shopping, the change in weather, spending extra time with family, planning large meals, and hosting and attending various parties can all greatly increase stress, which heightens not only anxiety but also other mental health challenges.
Long story short: the holidays can be STRESSFUL.
It’s important to adopt some serious self-care during this wild time of the year when it’s harder and harder to find time for ourselves. By planning ahead, you can build time for stress relief and keep yourself balanced.
Here are a few ideas to combat holiday stress. We suggest planning now!

Holiday Stress Relief Tip #1 - Don’t abandon your healthy habits.

Do your best to keep eating healthy when you can. Include regular physical activity in your daily routine, even if it’s taking a quick walk around the block. If you can stick to your routine and meet your body’s basic needs like sleep, movement, and healthy eating, your brain will have an easier time remaining calm.
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Holiday Stress Relief Tip #2 - Make some time for yourself.

If your calendar is full, schedule time for yourself! Let your partner know they need to get the kids out of the house for a few hours. Take 30 minutes to sit in a room by yourself when you’re traveling. Take a long bath instead of a quick shower after the kids go to bed. Maybe time alone for you is carving out 45 minutes to read a book or listen to a podcast. Just make sure you take the time!

Holiday Stress Relief Tip #3 - Establish a wind-down routine.

A restorative night’s sleep will work wonders for your holiday-induced stress. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night if you can, even if it’s on Aunt Janice’s uncomfortable mattress from 1992 in her freezing spare bedroom. Fix yourself a warm cup of tea, turn your phone to silent, and try to relax screen-free before bed. And no matter what, keep your essential oils on you throughout the holiday season, and use them when you need an aromatherapeutic pick-me-up.
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We wish you a happy holiday season and a minimally stressful end of 2021. Remember, we’re here when you need us and you can shop Bath & Body and Wellness products 24/7 at

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