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Myths and Misconceptions in Green Beauty

We dreamed up Vert as a place where everyone and anyone could experience clean beauty: part of that experience is access to expertise on healthy ingredients (and adverse, toxic ingredients), cutting edge beauty innovation, and our own transformative encounters with the efficacy of clean beauty lines and formulations. 

Another incredibly important aspect of our responsibility is discussing the inevitable myths and misconceptions that exist in the burgeoning space of green beauty. Here are the most common myths and misconceptions we come across in conversation (in the media landscape, on social media, and in the store!) every day. 

Myths and Misconceptions in Green Beauty

But, are conventional products really that bad?

At Vert, we define clean beauty as products that are made without ingredients shown or suspected to harm health—and in America especially, conventional beauty and personal care product ingredients are minimally regulated. The great majority (ugh!) of mainstream body care products contain carcinogenic chemicals, allergens, and irritants—the list goes on. Choosing products that are free of toxic chemicals, preservatives, and fragrances that are harmful to our bodies is daunting, and can require deep, rigorous research. We’re here to help with that, so you can have personal agency and a stake in what you put on your body.  

Myths and Misconceptions in Green Beauty

Clean beauty is too expensive and inaccessible.

In contrast to mass-produced conventional beauty products, clean beauty can feel like a major price hike. Often, the raw ingredients used by clean beauty brands can come from small farms, and in buying safe, effective skincare, you’re often buying from someone who is foregoing profitability for the ability to harvest, extract, and provide high quality products. But with new lines everywhere, we are seeing many brands offering affordable, super potent products. Here at the store, we like to offer a full range of vetted options for all budgets.

Myths and Misconceptions in Green Beauty

Clean beauty isn’t effective.

Clean beauty should be luxurious, high-performance, and a pleasure to use in your beauty and skincare rituals. There’s never been a better time to debunk the theory that it’s not effective; just look at beauty boutiques like Credo, co-founded and operated by one of Sephora’s founders, and the ever-evolving technology and science behind clean formulations. At Vert, each product is selected based on the quality of its performance along with the purity of its ingredients, and the environmental sustainability of both its manufacturer and its sourcing. We think this is a win-win all around!
If you have any questions—or want to do any debunking of your own—we’re here as a resource for evidence-based insights and our own success stories with clean beauty lines. 

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