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Founder Stories: Vintner's Daughter

We asked April Gargiulo to share her wisdom around nutritional skincare and the evolution from winemaker to crafter of cult-status products for her company, Vintner’s Daughter.
Tell us how being a winemaker influenced how you created these products, and how you decided to build and run your company?

April: “The biggest influence that coming from a winemaking background has provided to my business is the steadfastness it has given me around staying true to our mission to create the highest quality, most performance-driven and safe skincare. Like winemaking, we rely on both age-old and new technologies to accomplish our singular level of connection with the skin. Also, like winemaking we are patient in our approach and understand that in order to make the very best, you must start with the very best raw materials and honor them through meticulous formulation processes. In a skincare world where fast and cheap alternatives are abundant, our unwavering adherence to the very finest quality and time-honored, old-world process has allowed Vintner’s Daughter to service the skin in transformational ways.”

What was important to you as you created and bottled Vintner's Daughter?

April: “It took 2+ years to arrive at the final formula for Active Botanical Serum which takes 3 weeks of meticulous formulation in a very gentle and temperature controlled environment. At this point I began looking for a lab and spoke with the top labs in the country and was turned away over and over again. What I came to find out as I was turned away from these labs is that almost all skincare is made in 6 hours or less. They told me that no one makes products the way I wanted to and encouraged me to use “faster and cheaper” alternatives. Coming from the winemaking world where a bottle of wine takes 3 years to make, 3 weeks felt like nothing to me. Had I not had that strong respect for what we lovingly call “the speed of quality”, or the time it takes to make something truly exceptional, I would have backed down and accepted their lower quality options. Being from Napa Valley allowed me the confidence in my vision for something truly different. Every decision we make at VIntner’s Daughter is driven by quality, performance and impact. This is how we best serve the health and balance of our customers’ beautiful skin as well as our earth. We follow in the footsteps of legendary companies big and small that put long-term goals above short term gain. It is not without precedent, but certainly not the norm by any measure. We hope to be an inspiration for others who want to follow a different path.”

Active Botanical Serum

Active Botanical Serum

Your line has always struck as deeply effective, less-is-more skincare. When you formulated your products, was the intention to create something that promotes skin health and radiance without the need for multiple products and forms of packaging?

April: “From day one we have made it our mission to create products that achieve incredible results in fewer steps. We do not believe in an endless cycle of ‘new’, which only serves to create confusion for the customer and their skin. We believe in products that have such a deep communication with the skin that they become the products you never want to live without. This is a very high standard to live up to and one entirely driven by skin health, balance and ultimately confidence. So much of the beauty world is built around the idea that more is better and if you aren’t doing a 16 step routine, you aren't “taking care of yourself”. I could go on for days about the industrial beauty complex and all the ways in which it tries to subvert confidence in its consumer, but ultimately using fewer and higher quality products that offer multi-beneficial performance are not only better for the skin, but for the environment, too, since you are creating less waste. Win/Win.”

How do you define nutritional skincare? Tell us about Phyto Ferment and Phyto Radiance Infusion.

April: “We believe that to make the very best of anything, it takes time. This is the philosophical foundation upon which we are built and is what drives the unprecedented performance of our formulations. We begin every formulation by sourcing the world’s finest quality and most active ingredients from conscious farmers and producers who share our commitment to quality. Every ingredient received is thoroughly tested to ensure the very highest standards. Next, we create our signature Phyto Radiance Infusion™; a three-week long, temperature-controlled process that gently captures the full spectrum of our whole plants’ nutrition. Not only does the process capture complete skin nutrition, but it also protects all of nature’s powerful synergies. Your skin immediately recognizes our plant actives and puts them to work to accelerate its own powers of regeneration, repair, brightening, and firming. 

Another way to think of it is to use an example of a beautifully prepared plate of food made from the freshest, most consciously-grown ingredients and compare that to a meal replacement bar made in a factory with all synthetic ingredients. We know that the whole food is going to service your body in a much more powerful and enduring way. Vintner’s Daughter delivers whole plant nutrients to your skin much like that beautifully prepared plate of food does, all in the most optimal, skin-beautifying ratios. Like our bodies when fed a nutritious diet, skin becomes healthier, more resilient, stronger and more radiant. Through our nutritional skincare, Vintner’s Daughter creates a connection to the skin like no other. And just as your body never grows tired of optimal nutrition, neither will your skin. In two simple, yet powerful steps, Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum help your skin become its most healthy looking, resilient, balanced, and radiant.”

What's your personal ritual? How do you like to use the essence and serum?

April: “I cleanse with something creamy and gentle, then apply Active Treatment Essence followed by Active Botanical Serum from the neck up, including under my eyes. I apply very liberally using our Push/Press Method of application that helps everything work better. In those two simple steps, Active Treatment Essence followed by Active Botanical Serum, I know I am giving my skin everything it needs to be its very best. It is very freeing not to be beholden to an elaborate multi-step routine, the results are better and I'm creating less waste. I also like to do microcurrent, infrared sauna and red light a few times every week.”

 Vintner's Daughter Active Treatment Essence

Active Treatment Essence

Vintner's Daughter Active Botanical Serum

 Active Botanical Serum

At Vert, we carry Vintner’s Daughter’s full line—their Active Treatment Essence and Active Botanical Serum. Come on into the shop to learn more about them, and to try this bottled magic for yourself. 

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