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Camping Faves: What We Bring With Us & Where We Camp

Okay, we can finally say it: it’s SUMMER. It’s CAMPING SEASON. The road trips are planned. Here in Denver, the weather forecast has plunged us deep into a solid streak of 90+ degree weather, and we’re planning to get out of the city and into the mountains as fast as we can. I think we can all say we’re familiar with the old low-maintenance camping trip skincare routine—makeup remover wipes and sunscreen, rinse and repeat. We’ve put together a little guide that still keeps it low-key while treating your skin right on the go, plus a camping spot that’s under an hour away from the city and feels worlds away.

 When we’re adventuring outdoors, we want to keep it simple with clean, hydrated, and protected skin. Ursa Major makes it easy with their Essential Face Wipes, the real deal when it comes to simplified skincare—they gently remove dirt, oil, and residue and cleanse, exfoliate, heal, and hydrate your skin in one super easy step. We like to follow that up with a moisturizer and SPF in one, like Josh Rosebrook’s Nutrient Day Cream SPF 30; which comes in both tinted and untinted formulas. This baby packs a punch as a dual-action day cream that performs as a regenerating moisturizer and clean broad-spectrum sunscreen, with a powerful combination of distinct herbal actives and plant oils that repair, moisturize, and protect the skin.

Marie Veronique’s Pre-and-Probiotic Daily Mist

BLUH ALCHEMY’S Toning Elixir

At night, we like to wipe the day off with another Essential Face Wipe, spritz and rejuvenate with a mist like Marie Veronique’s Pre-and-Probiotic Daily Mist or BLUH ALCHEMY’S Toning Elixir, and follow with a deeply nutritive dose of nourishing oil, like Laurel’s Unburden Serum or Antioxidant Serum. You’ll wake up the next morning with happy, pampered skin. 

Laurel’s Unburden Serum

Antioxidant Serum


We’re big fans of the little town of Silver Plume, a vestige of Colorado’s boomtown mining era. It’s sleepy—not your typical tourist haunt—and our faves Bread Bar and Plume Coffee are right on Main Street. You can camp in the town’s park, Dinger Park, right across from the historic George Rowe Museum. Walk the streets to check out the old Queen Anne Victorians, take a bracing dip in the creek, and hike the 7:30 Mine Trail that starts at the top of Silver Street. 
The more bustling Georgetown is just a mile east, should you need firewood, supplies, or more plentiful amenities—plus, Georgetown is the access site for Guanella Pass road and a host of pristine, sun-dappled trailheads. 



Come on in to the shop (or give us a call) so we can help you personalize your camping skincare routine to your individual needs—we love helping you craft your perfect lineup of products based on your lifestyle, weather changes, and seasonal shifts. 

See you out there!

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