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2021's Best Mother's Day Gifts: Gift Boxes For Every Mom!

We are so excited to release our Mother's Day Gift Boxes, available now at Vert Beauty.

Each box is a collection of Vert’s most coveted and recommended products for mamas, and an excellent introduction to brands, best-sellers, and cult-classics you may not have tried yet, plus a seed pack from our favorite, Hudson Valley Seed Company.

Happy Shopping!

Shop 'The New Mama' Gift Box

Who is it for? New or expectant mothers who could use a self-loving timeout. 

What's in the box? Our New Mama box is packed with our most nourishing staples, from Osmia Organics’ super healing, low lather Oh So Soap and Orgaid’s Vitamin C Revitalizing Sheet Mask to Honest Hazel’s soothing eye gels, a trio of Innersense hair rituals, and Zoe Organics’ ultra-rich cream. $85 (a $125 value)

Shop 'The Mountain Mama' Gift Box

Who is it for? Down-to-earth mothers with breezy self-care practices.

What's in the box?  Our Mountain Mama box is a beautiful, holistic routine that includes Osmia Organics’ nourishing and exfoliating Pumpkin Facial Soap and cult favorite Lip Doctor, Josh Rosebrook’s multi-action Hydrating Accelerator and instant refresher, Odacite’s easy application Ba+S Eye Contour, and Ursa Major’s Golden Hour Recovery, for instant daily hydration. $75 (a $110 value).

Shop 'The Moon Mama' Gift Box

Who is it for? Soulful mothers with deeply reflective rituals. 

What's in the box?  Moon Mama box includes Osmia’s gorgeous calming, nurturing Rose Clay Facial Soap as well as their silky, heart-opening Nectar Vital Rose Drops, Kari Gran’s rich Wonder Whip, Orgaid’s Anti-Aging & Moisturizing Organic Sheet Mask, and a sage bundle for clarity of mind and spirit. $100 (a $150 value). 

Shop 'The Sugar Mama' Gift Box

Who is it for? Luxurious mothers with a queen's routine!

What's in the box? A full, luxurious lineup of Vert’s cult favorites, our Sugar Mama box is an invitation to take time to immerse in relaxation. It includes two Bluh Alchemy superstars, their Exfoliating Cleanser and Eye Oil Serum, Orgaid’s Vitamin C & Revitalizing Sheet Mask, Odacite’s stimulating Gua Sha Tool, Dr. Alkaitis’ pampering, anti-aging Nourishing Treatment Oil, and a sage bundle to complete your full ritual. $150 (a $225 value).

Just in time to celebrate motherhood in all its manifestations and dynamics—whether for yourself, or a loved one—all four boxes were designed with the unique women that inspire us in mind.

These boxes are a love letter to new, expectant, seasoned mamas, and all of the people in our lives who have mothered and supported us in some way.

XO, Amanda

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