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4 Post-Holiday Self-Care Tips

Those post-holiday lows can be really low, so we recommend focusing on some serious self-care to help you get a jump start on the new year! Self-care doesn’t have to mean shopping sprees and manicures; it can also mean pausing to do things that are restorative. These activities can be as simple as taking a break from your phone to read a book or work on a puzzle.

Slow down to refill your joy cup after the stress of a long year and the holiday hustle and bustle.

Try meditating.

Turn off your distractions, light a great candle and meditate. Sitting with yourself for even 5 minutes a day can help with anxiety, depression, and can lift your spirits after the holidays.
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Go for regular walks with friends or family.

Make time for a little exercise a few days a week. Get out of the house and move your body! Make it a little more fun with some wine in a tumbler to keep you warm on the walk. Remember to slap on the SPF and face cream before leaving the house to protect your skin. Bring the kiddos or text the girls for a little park stroll, to give you all a break from the grind, along with some nature therapy.
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Take a day trip.

Whether you’re getting to the slopes, taking the kids to a new historical landmark, or simply going for a drive, unplug for a few hours! Get out of the house. Leave your worries at the door for a little while and enjoy friends and family away from home.
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Try self-care at home.

If you can’t get away for a little while, put your phone in another room and draw yourself a relaxing bath - and savor every moment of it! Stay in that bath until you turn into a raisin. Give yourself a mini-facial while you’re at it! Or, if baths aren’t your thing, grab the massage oil, and show some love to your tired legs and feet.
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